What does just what the doctor ordered mean idiom?

What does just what the doctor ordered mean idiom?

exactly what is wanted or needed
informal. : exactly what is wanted or needed A day at the beach was just what the doctor ordered.

What the doctor ordered synonym?

exactly what you need or want Synonyms: Something or someone that is good or very good. masterpiece. inspiration. miracle.

What does it mean when you doctor something?

to change something, especially facts or numbers, in order to make people believe something that is not true. Experts suspected that the company’s report had been doctored. Synonyms and related words. To change something.

What is the meaning of the idiom back to the wall?

Definition of back is to/against the wall : in a bad position in which one is forced to do something in order to avoid failure We knew that with so little time and money left to finish the project we had our backs to the wall.

What is the synonym of prescription?

In this page you can discover 34 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for prescription, like: medicine, formula, prescript, mixture, dispense, direction, canon, prescriptions, decree, edict and institute.

What does Dr mean on TikTok?

Summary of Key Points. “Doctor” is the most common definition for DR on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. DR.

How do you use doctor as a verb in a sentence?

Verb They were accused of doctoring the company’s financial records. a doctored photo of the actress I think somebody doctored the punch. He had time to doctor his wounds. She doctored the sick child until the physician arrived.

What does chew the fat?

Chat in a friendly, leisurely way, as in Let’s get together for coffee and chew the fat, or John and Dave spend hours just chewing the rag. Before the 1880s in Britain, chew the fat meant “to grumble or complain,” and chew the rag also has been used in this way.

Why are prescriptions called Rx?

According to most sources, Rx is derived from the Latin word “recipe,” meaning “take.” Among several alternative theories, however, is the belief that the Rx symbol evolved from the Eye of Horus, an ancient Egyptian symbol associated with healing powers.

Is it prescribed or proscribed?

Prescribe means to instruct or dictate a rule for others to follow. A doctor prescribes medicine for treatment. Proscribe, although it sounds similar, is the opposite and means to forbid something. Take two usage articles and call us in the morning.

What is a good sentence for doctor?

Doctor sentence example. The doctor called today to see if my condition had improved with the medication. The doctor seemed tired and in a hurry. The doctor says he is better.

What does ‘just what the doctor ordered’ mean?

just what the doctor ordered Exactly the thing that is or was needed to help improve something or make one feel better. A short nap is just what the doctor ordered. You’ll feel refreshed in no time. New lighting is just what the doctor ordered for the waiting room—it looks so much cheerier in here now! See also: doctor, just, order, what

What does the idiom just what the doctor ordered mean?

just what the doctor ordered If you say that something is just what the doctor ordered, you mean that it is extremely enjoyable or useful and helps to make you feel better or to improve a situation. `Meatballs in tomato sauce!’ Max exclaimed happily. `Just what the doctor ordered.’ A few days’ break in Honolulu was just what the doctor ordered.

Who uses the slogan Just what the doctor ordered?

Twenty Humble Suggestions For New Cable Network Slogans On a summer afternoon, sometimes a list of improbable but arguably accurate cable network slogans saluting the bad moms and pawn shops of basic cable is just what the doctor ordered. MTV: Hurry Up, Human Cloning!

Who are the 13 doctors in order?

William Hartnell and Patrick Troughton with Jon Pertwee in The Three Doctors.

  • Troughton and Pertwee with Peter Davison in The Five Doctors,the twentieth anniversary special,with newly released footage of Tom Baker and another actor,Richard Hurndall,standing in for the
  • Patrick Troughton with Colin Baker in The Two Doctors.