What does mapics stand for?

What does mapics stand for?

Manufacturing, Accounting and Production Information Control Systems
Its prior name, MAPICS, is an acronym for Manufacturing, Accounting and Production Information Control Systems. MAPICS was created by IBM, International Business Machines, but the product is now owned by Infor Global Solutions.

What does Tlas stand for?


Acronym Definition
TLAS Thai Laboratory Accreditation Scheme (est. 1987; Thai Industrial Standards Institute; Thailand)
TLAS Timber Legality Assurance System (timber import guarantees; EU)
TLAS Toledo Legal Aid Society (Toledo, OH)
TLAS TDRSS Look Angle System

What is mapics AS400?

IBM AS/400 Manufacturing Accounting and Production Information. Control System (MAPICS II) licensed programs are a continuation of. the successful full-function, integrated MAPICS II applications on. the new IBM AS/400 system. They offer a full-function Manufacturing.

What does TLA mean in work?

Temporary Lodging Allowance (TLA)

How old is MAPICS?

MAPICS was created by IBM more than 35 years ago as an operational control system for manufacturing and accounting information. In 2005, the product was purchased by Infor Global Solutions and re-branded as Infor XA.

What is TLO’s?

TLO, which stands for “The Last One,” is the creation of Hank Asher. He is a pioneer in the field of investigative data tools. He was the founder of Accurint, now a Lexis product. He offers TLO free to law enforcement agencies but limits access to TLO to certain professionals not the general public.

What does TLA mean in education?

1. TLA. Teaching, Learning , and Assessment. Teaching, University, Technology.

Is TLA a word?

Tla definition True love always. Three letter acronym. (Three Letter Acronym) The epitome of acronyms!

Is mapics an ERP system?

(Manufacturing Accounting and Production Information Control System) A comprehensive and widely used ERP system from MAPICS, Inc., Alpharetta, GA (www.mapics.com) that includes more than 45 different software modules and runs on Windows clients and AS/400 servers.

What is T.L.O. system?

What does TLO mean in texting?

What does TLO stand for?

Rank Abbr. Meaning
TLO The Lucky One (book and film)
TLO The Last Olympian (novel)
TLO The Little One
TLO Twitter Link Only (social media)