What does Media.net company do?

What does Media.net company do?

Media.net is a leading online ad-tech company that develops innovative products for advertisers and publishers. With over 800+ employees, Media.net is one of top 5 ad-tech companies by market-cap globally.

Is Media.net an Indian company?

Media.net belongs very firmly to the latter category. Indian firm Media.net has just been acquired for $900 million (Rs. 6300 crores) by a Chinese consortium and will be integrated into Beijing-based Miteno.

Is Media.net a Chinese company?

Media.net Acquired by Chinese Consortium for $900 Million USD in 3rd Largest Ad Tech Deal Ever.

How much does Media.net pay?

Media.net typically pays about $5/1,000 impression, which is among the best in the industry. You can typically run 3 ads per page, meaning if you have 334 views, that’s about 1,000 impressions. At $5 RPM you can make $5/day or roughly $150/mo off only 334 visits/day.

Is Media.net a good company?

Best company to work at Media.net is the best company I have worked at. Their product, technology, culture, management and team are solid and the company’s performance has been outstanding! The office environment is great, work culture is fabulous and facilities are really good as well.

Why do you want to join Media.net company?

A brilliant work culture, amazing perks & super talented people drive Media.net. After all, no one said building a next-gen technology platform can’t be fun! Here you get to work with International clients everyday!

Where is Media.net based?

Media. net’s US HQ is based in New York, and Global HQ in Dubai.

Is Directi an Indian company?

Directi is a Mumbai-based tech company that was founded by Bhavin Turakhia back in 1998. Over the years, the group has come to consist of multiple business units which are run independently by their respective management teams.

How is Media.net for freshers?

Media.net has an overall rating of 4.2 out of 5, based on over 538 reviews left anonymously by employees. 86% of employees would recommend working at Media.net to a friend and 70% have a positive outlook for the business. This rating has improved by 2% over the last 12 months.

Is Media.net good place to work?

Who is the owner of flock?

Bhavin Turakhia
Bhavin Turakhia I am the Founder and CEO of Flock – a suite of productivity apps, Co-Founder and CEO of Zeta – a digital payments platform, and Founder of Radix – a leading registry for top-level extensions, I have been a serial entrepreneur for 20 years and co-founded and exited Directi in a $160mn transaction.

Is Media.net good company?

Is Media.net and Directi same?

Media.net, one of the 11 business units of Directi, is conducting due diligence for a US-based advertising technology company. “We have acquired four companies in the last three years via Media.net.

How is Flipkart as an employer?

Is Flipkart a good company to work for? Flipkart has an overall rating of 4.1 out of 5, based on over 3,908 reviews left anonymously by employees. 81% of employees would recommend working at Flipkart to a friend and 75% have a positive outlook for the business. This rating has decreased by -1% over the last 12 months.

Is zeta an Indian company?

Zeta provides its products to banks and fintechs globally….Zeta (company)

Type of business Privately held company
Founded 2015
Headquarters Mumbai, Maharashtra
Founder(s) Bhavin Turakhia Ramki Gaddipati
Key people Bhavin Turakhia (CEO) Ramki Gaddipati (CTO)

Who is Garrett Langley?

Garrett Langley, Founder and CEO of Flock Safety, is a technology entrepreneur with a vision to eliminate crime while respecting privacy. Before starting Flock Safety in March of 2017, Garrett was himself a victim of crime in his Atlanta neighborhood.