What does Steals and Deals sell?

What does Steals and Deals sell?

Steals & Deals sells deeply discounted brand-name products, from grocery staples, health and beauty products and clothes to kitchen and home products.

How often does the Today Show do Steals and Deals?

About twice a month
NEW YORK (AP) — About twice a month, the “Today” show looks like a home-shopping program. TV personality Jill Martin comes out for a four-minute segment called Jill’s Steals and Deals, hawking discounted coats, watches or electric toothbrushes. Then she steers the show’s millions of viewers to its website to buy.

How do I get my product on GMA?

How to Pitch Your Business, Brand or Story to Good Morning America Producers

  1. While you’re on the phone, be sure you get the correct spelling, as well as the producer’s email address.
  2. Send your material and a brief and concise pitch letter or email to the producer, along with all appropriate contact information.

Who is behind local steals and deals?

Lisa Robertson
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How do you text deals to 65000?

Get ready America! The only way to be notified the moment deals are live is by subscribing for free at LocalStealsAndDeals.com or by texting the word STEALS to phone number 65000.

How do you watch Jill’s Steals and Deals on a peacock?

To watch on Peacock, you’ll need a subscription — but Jill’s got a deal for that, too. You can score six months of Peacock Premium for 50% off when you head to PeacockTV.com on Nov. 9, create an account and then use the promo code TODAY at checkout. If the promo code doesn’t work, please visit: PeacockTV.com/Help.

How do I contact GMA?

Contact Us

  1. E-Mail: GMAStoreSupport@gmanetwork.com.
  2. Phone: +632 8982 7777 local 2204.
  3. Live Agent: m.me/GMAOfficialStore.

What is Lisa Robertsons net worth?

Lisa Robertson Net Worth

Net Worth: $5 Million
Salary: $1 Million

Is local steals and deals actually local?

Due to the pandemic we did something unthinkable while working from home, that being watching some daytime TV in the background. TL;DR – just in case you didn’t know that show probably isn’t local to your market, nor probably selling your grandparents a deal.

How old is Tori Johnson?

51 years (September 14, 1970)Tory Johnson / Age

What is America’s Steals&Deals?

America’s Steals & Deals is operated by Knocking along with great network partners. Do you know an amazing brand that should be featured on America’s Steals & Deals?

Where can I find deals and steals on summer food and accessories?

Tory Johnson has exclusive “GMA” Deals and Steals on summer food, fun and accessories. You can score big savings on products from brands such as Martin’s Handmade Pretzels, Opopop, BuildABagg and much more.

Where can I find Tory’s deals and steals?

You can score amazing deals on brands such as Picnic Time, Vapor Elemental Wear and many more. The deals start at just $3.50 and are up to 63% off. Find all of Tory’s Deals and Steals on her website, GMADeals.com .