What does the Al Safar Group do?

What does the Al Safar Group do?

Al Safar Group now operates across a wide range of business sector including: Food Trading, Restaurants Franchising, Information Technology, Call Center Services, Business Outsourcing, Real Estate, Home & Office Automation, Marketing & Promotions, Education & Training.

How much is the Al Safar Group worth?

Al Safar Group Holding W.L.L Information

Website http://www.alsafargroup.com/
Revenue $70 million
Employees 14 ( View all )
Founded 1984
Address Jeera III Building, Seef, Arizona 26784, BH

Why is Bader Al Safar rich?

As of 2022, Bader Al Safar’s net worth is $1 Million. He majorly earns through his YouTube channel, TikTok account, Instagram account, and several other business ventures.

Who owns Al Safar Group?

Mr. Adel Al Safar
Under the leadership of our visionary founder and Chairman, Mr. Adel Al Safar, the group continues to achieve significant growth and unfailingly delivers outstanding performances in all its diverse sectors.

Who is Mohamed Al Safar wife?

Samar Al Safar She has worked to formulate and execute marketing plans and communication strategies while managing related budgets.

How is Mohamed Al Safar so rich?

Al Safar, a Bahraini national, is probably one of the biggest collectors of rare trainers in the UAE. He is the director of his family-owned Al Safar Group, which has interests in education, hospitality, property and food retail, and has its headquarters in Bahrain.

How many followers does Bader Al Safar have?

From Analisa.io, you can view historical data and analytics of videos, likes, comments, engagement, tags, mentions, captions, time, and date for Bader Al Safar TikTok Profile, which has 11,600,000 Followers and 1 Following.

What happened to Bader Al Safar?

Bader Al Safar To buttress his investment management acumen further and for added financial rigor and comprehensiveness, he is currently doing his CFA. Based in Los Angeles, he looks after the group’s interests in the highly competitive US market.

Who is Mr Mohamed Al Safar?

Mr. Mohamed Al Safar has been working in the company since the year 2012. Mr. Mohamed Al Safar obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Management in the year 2011 from Pepperdine University.

How do I contact Al Safar group?

Contact centre Contact us: +973 17 382 777 Write us: [email protected] Al Safar Group, Impact Hosue Post Box 26784, Al Seef Kingdom of Bahrain

Who is Adel Al Safar?

As one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the Kingdom of Bahrain, Adel Al Safar has been at the forefront of the business community in the region for many decades.