What does the Latin word for religion mean?

What does the Latin word for religion mean?

The Latin noun religio referring to obligation, bond, or reverence is probably based on religare, so religio and its English derivation religion connote a ‘re-binding’.

What do Relegere Religari and re Eligere mean?

to choose again
The reflection makes use of different etymological derivations of the word ‘Religion’: relegere (to observe carefully), re-eligere (to choose again), religare (to bind back), relinquere (to leave behind).

What does the Latin word ligare mean?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The word religion comes from the latin word ligare: to join, or link, classically understood to mean the linking of human and divine.

What’s the Greek word for religion?

The Greek word threskeia, which was used by Greek writers such as Herodotus and Josephus, is found in the New Testament. Threskeia is sometimes translated as “religion” in today’s translations, however, the term was understood as generic “worship” well into the medieval period.

What is religare in religion?

Many say the etymology of religion lies with the Latin word religare, which means “to tie, to bind.” This seems to be favored on the assumption that it helps explain the power religion has.

How do you pronounce Religare?

religare Pronunciation. re·li·gare.

Is religion a Latin word?

The term religion comes from both Old French and Anglo Norman (1200s AD) and means respect for sense of right, moral obligation, sanctity, what is sacred, reverence for the gods. It is ultimately derived from the Latin word religiō.

What does the Greek word religio mean?

Within the system of what we would now call “Roman religion (in the modern sense of the word), the term religio originally meant an obligation to the gods, something expected by them from human beings or a matter of particular care or concern as related to the gods, “reverence for God or the gods, careful pondering of …

Is derived from Latin word LIGO?

bind, tie, fasten. unite.

How do you pronounce religio?


  1. IPA: [reliˈɡio]
  2. Rhymes: -io.
  3. Hyphenation: re‧li‧gi‧o.

How do you pronounce religio in Latin?


  1. (Classical) IPA: /reˈli.ɡi.oː/, [rɛˈlʲɪɡioː]
  2. (Ecclesiastical) IPA: /reˈli.d͡ʒi.o/, [reˈliːd͡ʒio]
  3. Audio (Classical) 0:02. (file)
  4. Audio (Ecclesiastical) 0:02. (file)
  5. Audio (Roman) 0:02. (file)

What does religion mean in Greek?