What does VfL mean in German football?

What does VfL mean in German football?

Verein für Leibesübungen
VfL – The prefix for Wolfsburg which stands for ‘Verein für Leibesübungen’ (literally, club for physical exercise)

Where is Wolfsburg soccer team from?

Wolfsburg, GermanyVfL Wolfsburg / Location

Has Wolfsburg ever been relegated?

On 7 February 2011, however, it was announced that McClaren had been sacked and that Pierre Littbarski would be taking over. Wolfsburg lost four times in five matches under him and they finally slipped into the relegation places.

Who is the owner of Wolfsburg FC?

Volkswagen GroupVfL Wolfsburg / Owner (of GmbH)Volkswagen AG, known internationally as the Volkswagen Group, is a German multinational automotive manufacturer headquartered in Wolfsburg, Lower Saxony, Germany. Wikipedia

Who are Wolfsburgs rivals?

Wolfsburg Rivals – Hannover 96 The clash between Hannover 96 and VFL Wolfsburg is known as the Lower Saxony Derby. Though, the match is always intense, it has never seen any hooliganism. The two clubs have faced each other 29 times and Wolfsburg have been the more successful of the two.

How much is Wolfsburg worth?

Characteristic Market value in million euros
Borussia Dortmund 560.25
RasenBallsport Leipzig 465.6
Bayer 04 Leverkusen 434.45
VfL Wolfsburg 236.5

Why do Wolfsburg wear green?

With everything in short supply after the end of World War II, the team’s colours were determined largely by chance when a local youth welfare worker, Bernward Elberskirch, came across 10 green tops in his hunt for football shirts to use. The Wolves still wear green to this day.

Why are German teams called Borussia?

“Borussia” is the latin word for Preußen (a former steadily extending German kingdom). In art and literature, the former kingdom was figuratively often presented as a woman, who, of course, bore the sounding name “Borussia”.

Are Wolfsburg in Europe?

VfL Wolfsburg is a German association football club based in Wolfsburg, Lower Saxony. The club was founded in 1945, as VSK Wolfsburg, growing out of a multi-sports club for Volkswagen workers in the city of Wolfsburg….VfL Wolfsburg in European football.

Super Cup 0

What league is Wolfsburg in?

VfL Wolfsburg/Leagues

Who is the richest club in Germany?

The market value of FC Bayern Munich was highest at 804.5 million euros, followed by 560.25 million euros for Borussia Dortmund and 465.6 million euros for RasenBallsport Leipzig.

Do fans own Bundesliga clubs?

Supporters own majority stake in Bundesliga clubs meaning they can influence off-field decisions – but system isn’t without its flaws.