What does YPG stand for Kurds?

What does YPG stand for Kurds?

People’s Protection Units
YPG is an acronym whose translation means People’s Protection Units. It is the home grown defense forces of the Kurdish area of Syria. It emerged after the Civil War erupted in Syria and started to spill over into Syrian Kurdistan, now known as Rojava, or Western Kurdistan.

Who controls al-Hasakah?

Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria

Al-Hasakah ٱلْحَسَكَة حەسیچە ܚܣܝܟܐ
District al-Hasakah
Subdistrict al-Hasakah
Control Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria
Elevation 300 m (1,000 ft)

Is SDF and YPG the same?

2015. At the time of its founding in late 2015, The Economist described the SDF as “essentially a subsidiary of the Kurdish YPG”. At the end of October, the al-Shaitat tribal militia, the Desert Hawks Brigade, joined the SDF to fight ISIL in the southern countryside of Hasakah Governorate.

Where did the SDF come from?

Who are the SDF fighters? The SDF, an alliance of Kurdish and Arab militias, was founded in 2015, nearly four years after an armed rebellion erupted against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. The Kurdish group is fighting for self-rule in northeast Syria as they say they have experienced discrimination historically.

What does YPG in Syria stand for?

People’s Protection Units International
The YPG International or People’s Protection Units International (Kurdish: YPG Enternasyonel) is a military unit made up of foreign fighters in the Syrian Democratic Forces. It was created in December 2016 as the Antifascist International Tabûr (AIT) of the People’s Protection Units (YPG).

How many people live in Al Hol camp?

Population breakdown by nationality By February 2021, the camp’s population was estimated at more than 60,000. An estimate in September 2019 indicated that the camp held about 20,000 women and 50,000 children from the former Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) guarded by 400 SDF militia fighters.

Is there a UN camp in Syria?

There are no formal refugee camps and, as a result, Syrians are scattered throughout urban and rural communities and locations, often sharing small basic lodgings with other refugee families in overcrowded conditions. “They gave us biscuits, cheese, dates, dry meat – all very nice…

Who built the SDF 1?

Mechanical designer Kazutaka Miyatake of Studio Nue designed the original SDF-1 design for the first series.

How big is the SDF fleet?

Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force
Country Japan
Type Navy
Role Maritime warfare
Size 50,800 personnel 150+ ships 346 aircraft