What happened in chapter 9 of mango shaped space?

What happened in chapter 9 of mango shaped space?

Mia is trying to get ready for school but Beth is hogging the bathroom; eventually Mia decides to just go without showering. Instead she checks her email. And guess what? She finds another one from Adam.

What happens in chapter 10 of mango shaped space?

In Chapter 10, Jenna seems surprised to see Mia. She says she expected Mia to ignore her as she has been recently. Mia asks to use the computer for some research, saying she can’t get it done at home because she has to fight with Zack over the computer. Jenna introduces Mia to Rebecca, a friend of Mr.

How old is Zack in a mango shaped space?

Mia’s brother Zack, about 11 years old, starts vocally noticing girls. Roger has a crush on Mia.

How does Mia feel about death in mango shaped space?

Mango dies and Mia is completely distraught; she doesn’t know how to keep on living without her cat and grandpa. Props to her dad for trying to give the cat CPR, though. After Mango dies, Mia is afraid she’ll never see color again. She gets used to shapes and colors not floating around in the air, but she misses it.

What happens at the end of a mango shaped space?

Her beloved cat, Mango, seems more tired and sluggish every day. And then Mango dies. Mia’s heartbroken. She blames herself for being too preoccupied with her condition and not focusing enough on her cat.

What is Mia hiding from Jenna in a mango shaped space?

As A Mango-Shaped Space begins, Mia Winchell is in the third grade when she first starts to realize that she is not like anyone else. Her symptoms cause her to be ridiculed by her classmates. She decides to hide her condition from everyone, including her parents and her best friend, Jenna.

Who does Mia’s mom think Dr Jerry Weiss looks like?

Mia’s mom thinks he looks like Paul Newman. Jerry gave Mia a website for Synesthetes and invites her to a Thanksgiving meet-up thing for synesthetes.

What does Dr Jerry tell Mia that she has?

Instead of more tests, Jerry starts by talking to Mia and her parents. He explains that what she has is called synesthesia.

Is a mango shaped space a movie?

The plot focuses on Mia Winchell, a thirteen-year-old girl living with synesthesia, a jumbling of the senses. Words and sounds appear to have color for Mia….A Mango-Shaped Space.

1st edition copy
Author Wendy Mass
Country United States
Language English
Genre Realistic Fiction

Why does Mia feel she will struggle with her Spanish class?

When she enters eighth grade, she also begins to struggle with Spanish because the colors and shapes of Spanish words don’t match their English counterparts. When her struggles in math become too much, Mia finally tells her parents her problem.

How old is Beth in a mango shaped space?

Beth Winchell Mia’s older sister is “sixteen and in the process of wearing down our parents’ patience.

How does Jenna’s mother send her birthday presents from the grave?

He died last year, and Mia is making it for his grave. She got the idea because each year Jenna takes a gift to her mom’s grave, too. Then Mia’s mom gives Jenna a gift. Before she died, Jenna’s mom wrote a bunch of letters and bought special keepsakes for her daughter.

What is the lesson of a mango-shaped space?

When Mia starts struggling in school, she realizes that there has to be more to her than just not being “normal.” A Mango-Shaped Space is a heartwarming novel about fitting in, being different, and embracing what makes you unique.

What important part of their project does Mia forget why is this important to become part of the chapter?

Mia forgot her painting.

Why did Mia really give Mango his name?

Mia has synesthesia, a neurological condition that allows her to see letters and numbers in color. As the blurb on the back of the book states, Mia named her cat Mango because that is the color of his breathing.

What is the conflict in a mango shaped space?

Mia struggles to overcome adversity and be accepted by everyone, hoping that her peers will overlook the fact that she’s different. Some people think her synesthesia is really interesting, while others make fun of her for it and think that she’s making it up for attention.