What happens if I kill Thrask?

What happens if I kill Thrask?

If Hawke agreed to kill Ser Thrask, two groups of templars will attack instead, of roughly the same makeup of melee fighters and archers.

Should I kill Idunna?

If Idunna is spared, she sends Hawke a letter revealing she’s repented and is now following the Maker. She wants evil tomes teaching blood magic destroyed, but can’t do it herself because the templars will not permit her to leave her cell.

What did Hawke do with the Templars?

What did Hawke do with the Templars? A hunt for some missing Starkhaven mages comes to a head when their leader turns to blood magic just as Templars threaten to barge in and lead them away. Hawke can either fight the Templars’ leader, Karras, with the help of a lenient Templar, Thrask, or persuade them to leave.

What can you do with Feynriel?

Letting Feynriel choose what he thinks is best (which is to find the Dalish) can lead to Hawke telling him they are friends with the Keeper and can offer to negotiate with them to make sure he has a place with them. Feynriel has additional dialogue if Hawke visits him at Sundermount after sending him to the Dalish.

Did Hawke kill Danzig?

“No.” Triggers fight with the slavers. An aggressive Hawke will kill Danzig during the cutscene, which automatically awards the xp from killing him in battle. Possible bug: Danzig simply drops dead if combat is initiated after Fenris roots around in his chest cavity if Hawke is diplomatic or sarcastic.

Can Carver Be Saved?

Should Hawke choose to find the Wardens, Carver is saved, at the cost of leaving his family to undertake the Joining. Hawke later learns that Carver survived the Joining to become a Grey Warden, but that the new recruit can’t come back to the Hawke family.

Who produced BBD Poison?

Dr. Freeze
Poison (Bell Biv DeVoe song)

Label MCA Records
Songwriter(s) Dr. Freeze
Producer(s) Dr. Freeze
Bell Biv DeVoe singles chronology

When did BBD come out?

BBD is the third studio album by American R&B group Bell Biv DeVoe, released in December 2001 through Biv 10 and Universal Records. It’s the group’s first recording since 1993’s Hootie Mack.

When can you recruit Fenris?

Reach out to Fenris once you’ve completed the Bait and Switch quest. If he’s not already in the party, he can be found cooped up in the mansion (named Fenris’ Mansion on the world map) that you helped exorcise.