What happens to Bao-Dur At the end of Kotor 2?

What happens to Bao-Dur At the end of Kotor 2?

Bao-Dur destroys several droids, but a cutscene plays showing Bao-Dur being fatally shot. Bao-Dur’s items are returned to the player’s inventory and the regular TSLRCM hk factory sequence commences.

Where did Bao-Dur go?

Although he joined the Republic military for the sake of revenge, Bao-Dur had a deeper conscience after the events of Malachor V. Wracked with guilt over creating the Mass Shadow Generator, he wandered into exile, hopping from planet to planet, before he went to Telos IV and dedicated his life to helping others.

Can you be a GREY Jedi in Kotor 2?

You can play through the game as a ‘Gray’ Jedi, keeping your alignment balanced, but there aren’t any nifty bonuses for doing so, even though it’s actually tougher to remain neutral than to pick the path of the light of the dark as you get deeper into the game; not to mention the fact that one of the major themes …

What species is Bao-Dur?


Biographical information
Species Zabrak
Gender Male
Hair color None

Is there a neutral ending KOTOR?

Neutral powers are unaffected by your alignment. And it doesn’t matter how light or dark you played all through the game. How you deal with Bastilla on top of the Temple determines which ending you get.

Is Cal Kestis a Grey Jedi?

Cal Kestis Becomes A Grey Jedi While having Merrin as a playable character in Jedi: Fallen Order 2 would be fantastic, she could also serve as a new master for Cal.

Which jedi class is best in KotOR 2?

The Jedi Consular is the Best Class If you’re looking for the class and build that is going to get you the most out of KotOR II then you need not look any further than the Jedi Consular.

What happened to the original Kotor ending?

Original ending they had in mind would tie the ends together better, however they decided to cut it like this and after finishing with KoToR 2 continuing to develop KoToR 3 which would pick up right from the end of second installation.

What happened to Bao-Dur and the exile on Malachor?

I agree, I was suprised that the Exile was alone on Malachor’s surface, and there was no inkling of what happened to others after crash-landing. Even more I was surprised that Bao-Dur was dead, according to the hologram of his remote.

Why did Bao-Dur sacrifice himself?

With regards to Bao-Dur’s self-confessed ‘sacrifice’, it could be related to a quest that takes place prior to your final assault on Malachor V, like maybe Bao Dur sensing you’re going to revisit Malachor, so he mentions the Mass Shadow Generator still being good for one more go, after your confrontation with the Jedi Masters/Kreia on Dantooine….

Did Bao Dur die on Telos IV?

the cut content suggest that Bao-Dur was to die on Telos IV to reach the HK Factory,but thanks to LA,who wanted the game as rushed as possible,Bao-Dur is not mentioned anymore. It seems like there are lots of theories. That’s why I created this topic. Of course it was foolish to expect that someone “who knows” actually will make a post here.