What holsters fit SIG SP2022?

What holsters fit SIG SP2022?

Any of the holsters listed below are available in version to fit the Sig SP2022.

  • MTR Custom Leather. MTR Custom Vertical Deluxe Full-Size Quick Snap Holster.
  • Don Hume Holsters. Don Hume JIT Belt Slide Holster.
  • MTR Custom Leather.
  • MTR Custom Leather.
  • MTR Custom Leather.
  • MTR Custom Leather.
  • MTR Custom Leather.
  • MTR Custom Leather.

Can you conceal a SIG SP2022?

We here at Alien Gear Holsters are proud to introduce the Cloak Tuck 3.0 inside the waistband gun holster. This hybrid composite holster will conceal your Sig Sauer sp2022 comfortably and effectively every time you go to carry.

Is Sig Sauer SP2022 California compliant?


Action Pistol
State Compliance California Compliant
Type Centerfire

What is the difference between IWB and Tuckable?

The tuckable holster offers many of the same features that a regular IWB holster offers. It connects to your belt and sits on the inside of the pants. However, the key difference between the two is that this holster is meant to be covered with a tucked-in shirt. This is the perfect holster for any dressier occasion.

What are the different types of concealed and carry holsters?

There are four main categories of concealed carry holsters and they’re named after the way in which you wear them. These include Outside the Waistband (OWB), Inside the Waistband (IWB), Appendix Inside the Waistband (AIWB), and shoulder.

Is the SP2022 full-size?

The SP2022 is a full-size polymer pistol inspired by the SIG classic line. The SP2022 features the same DA/SA trigger found in SIG SAUER® Classic Line pistols, with a durable, lightweight and wear-resistant polymer frame with an integrated M1913 accessory rail.

What type of holster is best for concealed carry?

Best Concealed Carry Holsters

  • Best IWB (Unique): Urban Carry G3.
  • Best IWB (Custom): 1791 Ultra Carry.
  • Best OWB: Safariland.
  • Best OWB (Leather): 1791 Gunleather.
  • Best Bellyband: Crossbreed Belly Band.
  • Best Ankle: Sticky Holster.
  • Best Shoulder: Galco.
  • Best Gun Belt: Kore Essentials, use code “PEWBELT10” for 10% off.

What does it mean for a holster to be Tuckable?

A “tuckable” is a holster designed to be worn inside the waistband of your pants. A clip that fastens the holster to a belt allows a shirt to be tucked over the pistol and between the attaching clip and the holster. This allows the gun and holster, except for the belt clip, to be covered by a tucked-in shirt.

Do I need a Tuckable holster?

The tuckable holster is the best choice for people who want to conceal and carry with a tucked in shirt. While there are some disadvantages to this style of holster, it is better than not being able to carry a pistol at all.