What is a 8 qt stock pot used for?

What is a 8 qt stock pot used for?

Eight-quart stockpots can boil a few pounds of pasta, yield more than four quarts of stock, and cook a large party’s-worth of long-simmering Sunday sauce, all while stacking and stowing easily when not in use. You definitely need one big pot in your kitchen, and eight quarts is exactly how big.

How big is a 8 qt stock pot?

The most common stock pot sizes are 6-quart, 8-quart, 12-quart, and 16-quart….Stock Pot Sizes: What’s Available.

Stock Pot Diameter Height
8-Quart 10.5 in. 5.5 in.
12-Quart 11.25 in. 9 in.
16-Quart 11 in. 10.25 in.

What is the best stock pot to buy?

Best Stockpots at a Glance

  • Best Overall: Cuisinart 12-Quart Stockpot with Lid.
  • Top-Rated: Homichef 16-Quart Stainless Steel Stockpot.
  • Best for Large Batches: Mainstays 20-Quart Stockpot.
  • Best for Beginners: Cook N Home 12-Quart Stainless Steel Stockpot.
  • Best Budget-Friendly: Cooks Standard 12-Quart Stainless Steel Stockpot.

What is the best size for a stock pot?

An 8-quart stockpot is large enough to cook bone broth using an entire small chicken. For the most versatile size, we recommend a 12-quart stockpot. The 12-quart pot will handle larger bones (duck, beef shank, pork shank, etc.), and it will come in handy if you want to steam whole lobsters or ears of corn.

What is the best material for a stock pot?

stainless steel
Many cooks consider stainless steel the best material for stock pots. It heats rapidly, is lightweight, easy to clean and built to last. Stainless steel stock pots don’t have coatings that can wear off or get scratched, so you can use all kinds of cooking tools and kitchen utensils with them.

Should I get a 8 or 12-quart stock pot?

Is 12 qt stock pot too big?

For home use, stockpots come in a range of sizes, usually from 8 to 20 quarts (some commercial kitchens use massive 74-quart versions). For most home kitchen tasks, we think a 12-quart stockpot is an ideal size and large enough for making big batches of stock or sauce.

What’s the difference between a stock pot and a Dutch oven?

A Dutch oven will generally be circular or oval with sloping sides and have a tight-fitting lid. A stock pot, by comparison, is often taller and more square in shape, with straight sides and a loose-fitting lid.

Is 8 qt stock pot big enough?

A stockpot is typically the largest pot in the kitchen. You can buy them in sizes starting at 8 quarts, which is a fine size for cooking pasta, but for a great multipurpose, large pot, we recommend a 12-quart.

How big is a 10 quart pot?

Overall Dimensions: Top Diameter:10 Inches. Height:7 9/16 Inches. Capacity:10 qt.