What is a C+ in Pony Club?

What is a C+ in Pony Club?

It is the first of the riding certifications to evaluate a member’s ability to transfer their riding skills from their own horse to an unknown horse. If the C-3 riding test is passed before the H-B, the member becomes a C+.

What are the Pony Club ratings?

No matter what level of certification a riding member tests into they will be required to meet the SOP for both horse care and riding. The levels of certification start at what is called D Level (beginner), progressing to C Level (intermediate) then to B Level and A Level (advanced).

What is the highest level of Pony Club?

The A Certification is the highest riding certification available to USPC members. The A is able to ride mounts at various levels of schooling with judgment, tact and effectiveness; to train young mounts; and to retrain spoiled mounts.

What is the role of DC in Vic Pony Club?

The DC’s role is to arrange and co-ordinate all rally requirements including all activities, set-up, instructor recruitment and instruction. Further the DC is responsible for grading of all riders and their horses (combinations), safety issues and the general welfare of members.

What is pony Club C test?

‘C’ Test riders should be able to ride confidently and in balance in trot and canter on the flat, and up and down hills. They should be capable of jumping small cross country fences, and be able to prepare the pony beforehand and deal with it afterwards. They will also be required to trot without stirrups.

What is pony Club B test equivalent to?

BHS Stage 3
Pony Club B Test B Test is the equivalent of BHS Stage 3 and allows direct entry at that level, subject to certain criteria.

What does A1 mean in show jumping?

A1 (1 or 2 Rounds not against the clock) In a Table A1 class, competitors with equal jump penalties share equal placings. Placings are not determined by the time taken to complete the round e.g. all clear rounds are first equal.

Can you wear earrings at Pony Club?

Long hair tied back and secured in a hairnet with a plain or Pony Club scrunchie or bobble. NO piercings or jewellery.

Can you join more than one Pony Club?

A Member cannot join more than one Branch at any one time.

What is a C+ test?

The minimum age to take C+ is 13 and it can be taken in two parts; stable management and riding. The badge felt is turquoise. C+ Test is the first of the Pony Club tests that you really need to work for. You should be able to pass your E, D, D+ and C Tests from what you have learnt during normal rallies.

What is in a Pony Club D test?

D+’ Test riders should be able to walk, trot and canter. They will need to walk their pony up and down a hill, walk without stirrups, and ride over a very small fence in an enclosed field. They should be able to tack up, clean tack, groom a pony and recognise rugs.

What is C test in pony Club?

What does T stand for in British showjumping?

• Table. ● Speed. • Distance. • Time Allowed (for each phase if Single or Two Phase competition)

What is an AM6 in showjumping?

3 (AM6) A competition against the clock the same as 238.2. 2 (AM5) however if after the first jump off there is an equality of penalties for first place there is a second jump off against the clock.

What age is Pony Club for?

Membership is open to anyone up to the age of 25. There is no national minimum age to join The Pony Club, although some Branches/Centres may have their own lower age limit depending on what they offer.

How much does Pony Club cost UK?

Centre membership currently costs £29 per year. Centre Plus membership (for those who have their own horse or pony, but join in activities at a Pony Club centre) costs the same as branch membership.

What color is Numnah for Pony Club?

Saddle cloth or numnah – white, cream, navy, brown or black with NO logo. Bridle – plain brown or black leather with snaffle bit (see rule book) Noseband – Cavesson, Drop or Flash only. No bit guard. No boots, bandages or martingales.

Can you wear white jodhpurs for Pony Club?

Cross country colours, a long sleeved shirt or a rugby shirt is absolutely fine. White, beige or cream jodhpurs.

Can you ride a horse in Pony Club?

The Pony Club is for everyone up to the age of 25, and members come from all walks of life and all riding abilities.