What is a clear capital desk review?

What is a clear capital desk review?

ClearCapital (ClearCapital.com, Inc.) is a 3rd party appraisal review company. The purpose of the Collateral Desktop Analysis is to serve as a due diligence tool for private lenders, specifically the underwriter and loan committee to decide whether or not to fund a loan.

Who owns Clear Capital?

Clear Capital was founded by Duane Andrews, CEO, and Kevin Marshall, President.

What is the difference between a BPO and an appraisal?

The key difference between a BPO and an appraisal is that an appraisal completes the service and their obligation under the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) and law. A BPO is typically completed by a real estate broker or agent and is not required to conform to USPAP or state appraisal law.

Is Clear Capital legit?

Clear capital is a scam the appraiser are unprofessional and very disorganized. The appraiser called me and said he was coming and fix the time he did not turn up neither he notified when I asked him he said that he was busy This have been in Georgia.

What is a CDA from Clear Capital?

To prevent loss and raise confidence, Clear Capital created the Collateral Desktop Analysis (CDA), a Ratings Agency recognized risk assessment review product. The CDA re-evaluates the entire origination appraisal, validating its integrity, not just the value.

How many employees does clear capital have?

Founded in Truckee in 2001, Clear Capital now has 1,400 employees through its four subsidiaries.

Who prepares CMA?

A comparative market analysis (CMA) is an estimate of a home’s value based on recently sold, similar properties in the immediate area. Real estate agents and brokers create CMA reports to help sellers set listing prices for their homes and, less commonly, to help buyers make competitive offers.

Is Clear Capital a good company to work for?

Poor company to work with The people that work at this company are rude and have a mightier than god complex. They have no reservations about requiring you to do questionable tasks. The compensation for what they expect from you is very low. Steer clear of Clear Capitol.

What is a collateral desktop analysis?

An exhaustive review and analysis of any appraisal, from any time period. Overview. Even origination appraisals with accurate values can contain discrepancies, errors or inconsistencies that will introduce risk not only today but even tomorrow.

What is a CMA report?