What is a cottage style window?

What is a cottage style window?

A cottage window is a double-hung window — i.e., a window with two sashes sliding up and down, hung with one atop the other in the same frame — in which the upper sash is smaller (shorter) than the lower one.

How do cottage windows open?

Once you get up close, you’ll see that cottage windows can be just double-hung windows. They have two sashes — one hung atop another within the same frame — that operate by sliding up and down. But there are two stylistic differences that make a cottage window different from a double-hung window.

What makes a house cottage style?

Cottage-style homes are typically small houses that prioritize function in a limited living space while also providing comfort and a rustic look through various architectural designs and floor plans. Cottage-style architecture often reflects a mixture of multiple styles, including Georgian and Tudor.

Does Pella use Cardinal glass?

Cardinal glass is featured in the most top of the line products like Andersen, Pella, Windsor, Marvin, Milgard, Fleetwood, Amsco, etc. In fact, we sell 20 brands of windows and doors and all of these brands use Cardinal glass in their products.

Are tilt or turn windows better?

Tilt and turn windows generally have better air-seals than sliding, single hung or double hung window frames. This means less they are less prone to water leakage, cold draughts and you’ll keep more of your heating indoors where it belongs.

Why choose farmhouse windows from Pella?

Bring your vision to life with farmhouse windows from Pella. Create a comfortable yet sophisticated home with windows that create contrast between the exterior and interior. Generally large in size, they maximize both light and style with clean and crisp lines, an on-trend color palette and color-matched grilles.

What are the sizes and patterns available for Pella Windows?

For size and pattern availability contact your local Pella sales representative. Prairie – Standard corner lite dimension for Prairie patterns = 2-1/2″ VG. – Available in transoms ≥ 1’3″ height and width. Cross – Minimum DH frame height 35″. – Horizontal bar will be at 1/2″ of the VG height of the top sash. Top Row – Minimum DH frame height 35″.

What is a cottage window?

So recognizable that their window designs are commonly known as both cottage windows and Craftsman windows. From the curb, the design looks distinct. But look a little closer and you’ll notice common styles and features that architects used in unique combinations to create a style all their own.

What color options are available for Pella Windows?

(1) Contact your local Pella sales representative for current designs and color options. (2) Available on units glazed with Low-E insulated glass with argon, clear insulated glass and obscure insulated glass. (3) Tan, Brown and Putty Interior GBG colors are available in single-tone (Brown/Brown, Tan/Tan or Putty/Putty).