What is a dress called when it is short in the front and long in the back?

What is a dress called when it is short in the front and long in the back?

A “High Low” has a shorter hem in the front of a dress or skirt and a longer hem in the back. Some describe the “High Low” as the mullet of fashion. Party in the front and sophisticated in the back!

How can I dress up a black dress?

5 Ways to Style a Black Dress

  1. Go casual in warmer weather.
  2. Add leggings and a blazer for the office.
  3. Throw on a leather jacket for a night out.
  4. Try something formal for a date night.
  5. Complete your look with knee-high boots.

What is a long dress called?

Maxi dresses have become a wardrobe essential for every fashionable woman. They’re known for their long length—maxi dresses are floor or ankle-length dresses that are usually made from a breathable fabric such as cotton. Maxi dresses have gained popularity because they are free-flowing and comfortable.

How can I wear all black without looking boring?

And ultimately, they’ll prove a pretty good illustration that black is always the new black.

  1. Keep things classic. Classic pieces will look elevated.
  2. Add a contrasting accessory.
  3. Show a bit of skin.
  4. Go casual.
  5. Pump up the volume.
  6. Go vintage to add drama.
  7. Choose accessories that pop.
  8. Hide a pattern.

How do you make a black dress more casual?


  1. Wear an oversized jacket. Oversized and formal don’t often go hand in hand, so my first tip to dressing down your LBD is to add an oversized jacket.
  2. Avoid high heels.
  3. Accessorize minimally.
  4. Experiment with layers.

What is a street length dress?

A street length dress hits just below the knee-it does not touch the ground, or “street,” as you might expect. Street length dresses can be semi-formal or casual and are often chosen for outdoor wedding attire, especially when the weather is warm.

Where should a long dress hit?

Even if it’s just hitting the floor, you might still feel that it’s too long for you. Start with a one to two-inch (2.5 to 5.1-cm) kitten heel. If you need an extra bump, move up to a three to four-inch (7.6 to 10.2-cm) heel. This should lift the dress so it’s a few inches (or several centimeters) above the ground.

What is a trapeze dress?

TRAPEZE. A TRAPEZE dress is a dress style that is narrow at the shoulders and very wide at the hem of the dress. It’s like an A-LINE dress, but the TRAPEZE dress has a much wider hem than the A-LINE, and they often end below the knee.

Is it fashionable to wear all black?

Wearing all black might seem daunting since black can sometimes be seen as boring or “gothic.” However, black is usually considered a chic, fashion-forward color for both masculine and feminine outfits, and wearing all black is a great way to make a statement.

Can I wear a black dress for a smart casual?

Unless you’re going to a creative event, a smart casual dress code usually means muted neutrals. Blacks, whites, creams and beiges are always a safe bet. Don’t just wear business clothes.

Is black dress appropriate?

While a black dress or jumpsuit is appropriate for women, black suits and accessories are perfectly fine options for men as well. “Anything from a black tie, a black shirt or a black suit is definitely appropriate to wear to a wedding,” says Onyx Martinez, Lead Stylist for The Tie Bar.