What is a PermaPost?

What is a PermaPost?

For a warm and inviting decorative look for your front porch, choose from the Colonial, Chamfered, or Square PermaPost®. These synthetic porch posts offer an insect and weatherproof alternative to a traditional wood porch posts.

What are the posts on porches called?

A porch column is grand, regal and almost double the size of your typical porch post, averaging a 10-inch diameter. This is usually the architectural element of choice for larger porches.

Are all porch columns load-bearing?

Fiberglass polymer, fiberglass, wood and aluminum columns all exhibit load-bearing characteristics if they are not split. However, cellular PVC columns, which are becoming more and more popular, do not feature any load-bearing characteristics unless they have an internal support mechanism that makes them load bearing.

How much does a perma column weigh?

Perma-Column® are available in five, six and seven foot concrete lengths….

Weights (lbs) (5 ft) 135, (6 ft) 160 or (7 ft) 190
Recommended Uplift Hardware PKS6 Standard

What is a craftsman porch?

Craftsman style homes were popular in the early 1900s. They originated in southern California, inspired primarily by the work of Charles Sumner Greene and Henry Mather Greene, brothers who designed simple bungalows that featured intricate details. The front porch is a key feature of a Craftsman home.

How can I make my porch posts look better?

Paint porch posts with exterior paint. This will not only add color, but again seals everything. We used white exterior paint that matches our house trim. We did two coats.

How much does it cost to replace porch post?

You can expect to pay between $400 – $600 per post when hiring a professional to replace an ornamental porch column. But your total costs can vary tremendously depending on the material and other factors.

How do you redo a porch post?


  1. Cut 2x3s.
  2. Apply wood preservative to the bottom of 2x3s.
  3. Square up porch posts.
  4. Beef up the bottom portion of your front porch columns.
  5. Add siding to each side of porch posts on the bottom portion.
  6. Add trim to all corners, top and bottom of the porch pillars.
  7. Add top platform.

Can you screw into fiberglass columns?

Can you screw into fiberglass columns? Yes, but always pre-drill using the appropriate size drill bit. Countersink in order to conceal the screw head. Be mindful when screwing into thinner fiberglass options and don’t countersink too deep.

What are PermaCast columns made of?

Made from a proprietary blend of fiber-reinforced polymers, PermaCast® columns provide an aesthetically pleasing column with exceptional structural capabilities. This durable and low maintenance column provides a seamless look to your front porch that stands up to the elements like no other product on the market.

How long do Perma columns last?

Engineered to last Our proprietary powder coat has been tested to exceed 2,500 salt spray hours. Our patented design guarantees a lifetime of durability.

What are Craftsman columns called?

Tapered columns. This is one of the most distinctive characteristics of Craftsman homes, despite the variation in detailing. Tapered columns, which support the porch roof, are typically short and rest upon massive stone or brick piers that extend to ground level, both of which convey a certain solidity.