What is a solid flywheel conversion kit?

What is a solid flywheel conversion kit?

Valeo solid flywheel conversion kits are designed to replace standard fit dual mass flywheels by using a long travel damper system in the clutch friction plate. This clutch plate replicates the movement and damping characteristics of a dual mass flywheel meaning driver comfort is not affected.

Is a solid flywheel better than a dual mass flywheel?

The energy required to spin up a single-mass flywheel is much less than that of a dual-mass, meaning your car will be much more responsive. The biggest difference can be seen in cars with lower power outputs. A car with 150 horsepower will spend a significant amount of its power rotating the flywheel.

Is a solid flywheel better?

Single mass flywheels are cheaper to buy, and allow for quicker engine revving; they are therefore suitable for frequent engines speed and gear change conditions, such as racing engines or off-road driving. The main disadvantage of the single mass flywheel is the noise, vibration and harshness of operations.

How long does a solid flywheel last?

You may also hear a rattle, which will disappear when you depress the clutch. DMFs can last more than 100,000 miles but may go bad in as little as 20,000 – it depends on the quality of the part and especially your driving style.

Can you convert a dual mass flywheel to a single mass?

This is because, unlike single mass conventional clutch and flywheel assemblies, you cannot resurface a dual mass flywheel when you do a clutch job. Converting from a dual mass flywheel to a single mass flywheel can be done on most vehicles if a kit is available.

What’s the lifespan of a dual mass flywheel?

around 100,000 miles
In general, most dual-mass flywheels last around 100,000 miles, however this is a very general estimate and it is not uncommon for flywheel failure to occur before then.

Can you replace a dual mass flywheel with a single mass flywheel?

Converting from a dual mass flywheel to a single mass flywheel can be done on most vehicles if a kit is available. ZNDmotor has a number of clutch conversion kits available from Valeo, an OE supplier to many luxury European car companies.

Can you replace flywheel without clutch?

If you are fortunate and the flywheel has not been damaged by a worn clutch-plate, its replacement will simply not be deemed necessary. However, increasingly, owners of cars fitted with dual-mass flywheels must foot the bill for replacement, in addition to the cost of a new clutch-plate and its ancillary parts.

What does a failing DMF sound like?

If you hear a lot of rattle or banging sounds from the bellhousing, most likely the DMF has failed. These noises can be very loud and it should be replaced as a soon as possible.