What is a synonym for subtext?

What is a synonym for subtext?

connotation, association, coloring, hint, implication, meaning, nuance, understanding, undertone.

What is the opposite of subtext?

Opposite of the implicit meaning of a text, often a literary one, or a speech or dialogue. denotation. declaration.

What does a subtext look like?

The subtext is the unspoken or less obvious meaning or message in a literary composition, drama, speech, or conversation. The subtext comes to be known by the reader or audience over time, as it is not immediately or purposefully revealed by the story itself.

What is a subtext in literature?

Subtext is the implicit meaning of a text—the underlying message that is not explicitly stated or shown. Subtext gives the reader information about characters, plot, and the story’s context as a whole.

What’s the opposite of sub?

‘sur-‘ as a prefix can be used almost everywhere as an opposite of the ‘sub-‘ prefix.

Why do people speak in subtext?

Regardless, if you want your characters’ dialogue to be believable,they will have to speak in subtexts, offering readers the subtle clues necessary to figure out what is really going on.

Is subtext always intentional?

Subtext and Authorial Intent. In dramatics, subtext does not necessarily have to be deliberate on the part of the author. There have been many debates over whether certain subtext exists in canon whether or not the writer intended to put it there.

How do I use pretext?


  1. (as a) pretext for (doing) something The incident was used as a pretext for intervention in the area.
  2. on the pretext of doing something He left the party early on the pretext of having work to do.
  3. on a/the…
  4. The case for war was made on a false pretext.

How do you use subtext?

How to Add Subtext to Your Writing

  1. Study subtext in novels and films.
  2. Get into your character’s head.
  3. Write the subtext in your notes.
  4. Apply the iceberg theory.
  5. Practice with hypothetical characters.
  6. Think about a real-life event that could contain subtext.
  7. Edit out unnecessary dialogue.

What is literary subtext?

Definition of subtext : the implicit or metaphorical meaning (as of a literary text)

How do you subtext in fiction?

What is the opposite of being submissive?

(defiant) Opposite of readily conforming to the authority or will of others. defiant. disobedient. obstinate. rebellious.

What is subtext life?

Subtext—that thing that is implied by the text but never explicitly said—is one of the most compelling things about good writing, too. Subtext is the thing that keeps a reader guessing. It keeps a reader on her toes. It keeps them wondering: what is that pink elephant in the room.

How do you read subtext?

Is subtext the opposite of context?

Subtext is what we mean when we talk about “reading between the lines.” The “sub” refers to underlying. It is underneath the text. It is different than context, in that context helps us interpret and understand the story, and subtext happens when the story is bigger than what is on the page.

What is pretextual reason?

In US law, a pretext usually describes false reasons that hide the true intentions or motivations for a legal action. If a party can establish a prima facie case for the proffered evidence, the opposing party must prove that these reasons were “pretextual” or false.

Is pretext an excuse?

To employ a pretext, which involves using a false or contrived purpose for soliciting the gain of something else. The spy obtained his phone records using possibly-illegal pretexting methods. The definition of a pretext is an excuse or a cover up for the truth.