What is a trunnion bar hitch?

What is a trunnion bar hitch?

CURT trunnion bar weight distribution hitches offer precise leveling of your towing setup. They are available in capacities from 5K to 15K and can be purchased as a kit with an included pre-torqued trailer ball and sway control unit.

What is better round bar or trunnion?

Round bars are typically designed for lighter applications, are a bit harder to install and are usually priced lower than trunnion bars. Trunnion bars are typically designed to be used with heavier weight applications, and easier to install than round bars. Trunnion bars typically offer more ground clearance as well.

Do weight distribution bars help with sway?

A weight distribution hitch (or weight distribution system) helps to ensure a smooth, level ride and allows you to tow at the maximum capacity allowed by your hitch. It also helps to correct tow vehicle sag, improve steering and stopping, and—when used with sway control—correct trailer sway.

Can I add sway control to my weight distribution hitch?

Adding weight distribution will help improve sway some, but the system you have does not have an actual sway control device. If the head of your weight distribution system has a hole to the side of the main hitch ball (see photo), you could use an independent friction sway control bar like part # 83660.

Can you backup with e2 hitch?

The e2 Weight Distribution Hitch, # FA94-00-1000, is a sturdy system that has 2-Point Sway Control and comes with a 10-year warranty. The unique design of this system does allow you to back up without having to disconnect the sway bars.

Should I use two sway control bars?

Helpful Expert Reply: Basically, one friction-style sway control can be used for trailers with up to 6,000-lb GTW. If your trailer’s GTW is between 6,000 lbs and 10,000 lbs, you will need two sway-control units, one on each side of the trailer. You will also want to use two units if your trailer is 26 feet or longer.

Are sway bars the same as weight distribution hitch?

Often times people think sway control and weight distribution are the same thing, but they are not. Luckily for Equal-i-zer hitch customers you get both from one hitch, without any add ons. The big thing about both of these concepts is the increase in safety over a weight carrying hitch.

Can you use sway control without weight distribution?

Yes. If you don’t need the weight distribution bars attached to carry the trailer to storage, you can absolutely use just the WD hitch head and ball to tow the trailer. It will work just like a ball mount.

Can you backup a trailer with sway bars?

Friction sway control bars are designed to work fine going forward when turning or not but not designed to turn when backing up (backing up straight is fine). It can and likely will damage them because apparently the force being applied to them is different when going in reverse.

Can you backup with sway control?

Can I pull my camper without a weight distribution hitch?

It is definitely not safe or smart to tow more than your vehicle’s approved towing capacity. With or without a weight distribution hitch, you have to take into account the weight of your vehicle, the weight of your passengers and payload, the weight of the trailer and the distribution of weight on that trailer.