What is an example of a metatheory?

What is an example of a metatheory?

As six examples of metatheories, consider divergent thinking, expertise, intrinsic motivation, Kaufman and Beghetto’s (2009) Four-C model, tolerance of ambiguity, and Simonton’s (1999, 2009a)19992009a Blind Variation and Selective Retention (BVSR) model, the first three of which have already been introduced.

What is the study of the nature of knowledge in metatheory?

Metatheoretical study is a second-order study that deals with the nature and characteristics of theory. Metatheory of educational knowledge, thus, takes educational knowledge and theory as its object of study.

What are Metatheoretical assumptions?

They are more or less conscious or unconscious assumptions behind theoretical, empirical and practical work. Metatheoretical assumptions are connected to philosophical views, and are often part of interdisciplinary trends, which again can be connected to the Zeitgeist (Hjørland 1998:607).

What is metatheory in psychology?

n. a higher order theory about theories, allowing one to analyze, compare, and evaluate competing bodies of ideas. The concept of a metatheory suggests that theories derive from other theories, so that there are always prior theoretical assumptions and commitments behind any theoretical formulation.

What is metatheory in pragmatics?

Definition of metatheory : a theory concerned with the investigation, analysis, or description of theory itself if we investigate, analyze, and describe a language L1 … the sum total of what can be known about L1 and said in L2 may be called the metatheory of L1— Rudolf Carnap.

What does Metatheoretical lens mean?

Applying this metatheoretical lens facilitates critical analysis of the personal and professional beliefs and assumptions of counsellors about culture and society, personal cultural identities, the client‒counsellor relationship, client presenting concerns, and processes of change.

What is a Metatheoretical lens?

What is Metatheoretical linguistics?

April 15, 2022 in linguistics, the analysis of language in terms of its functional communicative properties (rather than its formal and structural properties, as in phonology, semantics, and grammar) and in terms of the intentions and perspectives of its users.

What is metatheory in philosophy?

A metatheory or meta-theory is a theory whose subject matter is itself a theory. In mathematics and mathematical logic, a metatheory is a mathematical theory about another mathematical theory. Meta-theoretical investigations are part of the philosophy of science.

What is metaphilosophy?

Metaphilosophy is “the investigation of the nature of philosophy “. Its subject matter includes the aims of philosophy, the boundaries of philosophy, and its methods.

What is a meta-theoretical investigation?

Meta-theoretical investigations are part of the philosophy of science. A metatheory is not applied directly to practice, but may have applications to the practice of the field it studies.

What is metaphysics of Science?

Metaphysics of Science Metaphysics of Science is the philosophical study of key concepts that figure prominently in science and that, prima facie, stand in need of clarification. It is also concerned with the phenomena that correspond to these concepts.