What is an example of honour-based violence?

What is an example of honour-based violence?

Examples of honour-based violence

  • physical abuse (kicking and beating);
  • psychological pressure (strict monitoring, humiliation, threats);
  • abandonment (leaving someone in their country of origin or sending them back there);
  • forced suicide;
  • honour killing (murder).

What does honour mean in honour-based violence?

Honour-based violence (HBV) is the term used to refer to a collection of practices used predominantly to control the behaviour of women and girls within families or other social groups in order to protect supposed cultural and religious beliefs, values and social norms in the name of ‘honour’.

What is the difference between honour-based violence and domestic violence?

It is domestic abuse, there are a lot of similarities between the two, with the difference being that domestic violence is only between two people, like intimate partners, whereas in honour- based violence, that could be family members and the community members, because at the end of the day, control is prevalent in …

What is honour-based violence and forced marriage?

‘Honour’-based violence includes: Forced marriage. Domestic violence (physical, sexual, emotional or financial abuse) Sexual harassment and sexual violence (rape and sexual assault or threat of rape and sexual assault) Threats to kill. Social ostracism or rejection and emotional pressure.

Is honour based abuse a criminal Offence?

What does the law say about Honour Based Abuse. There is no specific offence of ‘honour based crime’ and the term Honour Based Abuse (HBA) is used to encompass various criminal offences that are covered by existing legislation.

Who is most at risk of honour based violence?

It’s estimated that around 76% of victims of ‘honour’-based abuse are female, but boys and men are also at risk. In many cases, there are multiple perpetrators, within the family, extended family and sometimes the wider community.

What is HBA safeguarding?

What is Honour Based Abuse? HBA is a broad umbrella term used to describe a combination of practices used principally to control and punish the behaviour of a member of a family or social group, in order to protect perceived cultural and religious beliefs in the name of ‘honour’.

Who is at risk of honour based violence?

Risks. Honour based violence, where it affects children and young people, is a child protection issue. Children and young people who are subject to honour based abuse and violence are at risk of significant harm through physical, sexual, psychological, emotional harm and neglect.

What are the signs of honour crimes?

There are warning signs of honour abuse which include:

  • Lengthy or repeated absence from school, decline in academic performance.
  • Depression, anxiety, self-harm, substance misuse, suicidal thoughts.
  • Poor attendance at work, drop in performance, failure to turn up for business trips.