What is BP synchrony?

What is BP synchrony?

BP/SYNCB refers to the BP credit card, issued by Synchrony Bank. Synchrony Bank is one of the largest issuers of store credit cards. The company was originally called “GE Capital Retail Bank,” but changed its name. For this reason, many accounts will show up as new – even if only the name has changed.

Who is BP credit card with?

Be careful how you use your card at the pump. If you use your BP Visa® Credit Card with ApplePay, you will lose out on the fuel discount. Instead, you’ll receive 1% cash back on those fuel purchases. By our estimates, you can earn an average 1.5 cents per dollar spent on this card.

How do I pay my BP card?

You can pay your BP credit card bill by phone free of charge using an automated system….How to Make a BP Credit Card Payment by Phone

  1. BP card phone number: 844-832-0035.
  2. BP Visa card phone number: 844-832-0030.
  3. BP Platinum Visa card phone number: 844-887-1975.

Does Chase use Synchrony Bank?

Their CDs require a $2,000 minimum deposit to open. There are no service fees for any products. While Chase is one of the biggest banks in the nation with more than 4,700 branches and over 16,000 ATMs….Synchrony Bank vs Chase.

Synchrony Bank Chase
Synchrony Bank Chase
Online Only Over 4,700
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Is BP Visa worth?

The BP Credit Card is a poor value for most people. Indeed, unless you exclusively purchase BP gas and have a vehicle with a gas tank large enough to utilize the full value of your redemption, you’ll be unlikely to get even 1% cash back from your BP Credit Card.

Can I pay my BP credit card online?

To pay your BP Credit Card bill online, register your account here, log in, and select “Payments.” From there, you can add your bank account and routing number as a payment source. You will be able to set up a one-time payment or automatic monthly payments.

Can I use my BP card at Shell?

The BP Visa Credit Card can be used anywhere Visa is accepted. Both BP cards give discounts on every BP and Amoco fuel purchase.

Is there a BP credit card?

The new BPme Rewards Visa Wherever your next trip is headed, the BPme Rewards Visa card could help you earn and save with daily rewards like cash back, gift cards to your favorite places, and 30¢ off per gallon for 60 days after account opening.

Are Synchrony cards a Visa?

A credit card from Synchrony will operate on the Visa or MasterCard network as signified on the card. It can be used anywhere that accepts these payment networks. A store card will not have this designation and can only be used at the store that issues the card.

Is the BP Visa credit card better than blue cash preferred?

The BP Visa® Credit Card is better than the Blue Cash Preferred® Card from American Express when it comes to rewards on dining out (2% vs 1%). One benefit is that you aren’t limited to one particular gas station, as you are with the BP Visa® Credit Card.

How do I Manage my BP Visa credit card online?

If the registered cardholders already have a BP Visa credit card, individuals can manage the card account online anytime, anywhere on the MyBPCreditcard Login site. Here users can check the MyBPCreditcard premium balance, view your transactions and bank statements, pay your bills, and update your personal data at their preferable time.

Is the BP Visa credit card a good gas card?

The BP Visa® Credit Card is a decent gas card with solid rewards on everyday purchases. That means it can be worthwhile carrying and using it for your day-to-day expenses.

What happens when you enter your my BP Credit card credentials?

If the My BP Credit card credentials are entered correctly, cardholders will be redirected to the account home page. Among the thousands of credit cards accessible in the United States, MyBPCreditcard Login is one of the best. Having a My BP Credit card in the pocket can make life much easier.