What is Chicago rap music called?

What is Chicago rap music called?

Drill music

Stylistic origins Midwest hip hop trap gangsta rap hardcore hip hop footwork
Cultural origins Early 2010s, Chicago, United States
Typical instruments Vocals synthesizer sampler audio editing software digital audio workstation drum machine (Roland TR-808)
Derivative forms Mumble rap

Who made OTF?

rapper Lil Durk
Only the Family, often abbreviated as OTF, is a rap collective from Chicago, Illinois. The group was formed by rapper Lil Durk in 2010. The majority of the OTF members are also members of the Black Disciples street gang, in the branch known as Only Trey Folks.

Who are some famous rappers that come from Chicago?

Chief Keef was born on the South Side of Chicago, in the gang-infested area on 64th & Normal Street. Twista, the unbelievably fast rhymer, grew up in the North Lawndale neighborhood, on the West Side. Kanye West. Chance The Rapper. Twista. Common. Lupe Fiasco. Chief Keef. Lil Durk. Lil Jay. Lil Jojo. G Herbo.

Who is the best drill rapper in Chicago?

The Best Chicago Drill Rappers Lil Durk Lil Jojo Chief Keef Lil Reese King Louie Edai Fredo Santana FBG Duck Rico Recklezz G Herbo (Lil Herb) Lil Bibby Billionaire Black Wooski Prince Dre Killa Kellz King Samson TaySav

Are there any rappers that are still alive from Chicago?

Some living rappers may be added or subtracted from the list due to overdose, gang violence or incarceration. P.Rico D.Rose Cdai – (Convicted of 1st-degree murder). RondoNumbaNine – (Convicted of 1st-degree murder). Unfortunately, many young and talented rappers from Chicago lose their lives due to senseless gun and gang-related violence.

What rappers are still active in the Dr drill era?

Drill Rappers that are still active include: Lil Durk. Rico Recklezz. G Herbo. Chief Keef. King Louie. Ewol Samo. Prince Eazy.