What is Cognex DataMan?

What is Cognex DataMan?

Barcode Verifiers The DataMan Setup Tool software simplifies installation and operation of DataMan image-based barcode readers. Setup is fast and easy thanks to step-by-step guidance, application assistants, and intelligent auto-tuning. Download Barcode Readers Product Guide.

How do I connect to Cognex DataMan?

Download the DataMan Setup Tool from http://www.cognex.com/support/dataman and follow the on-screen steps. If the installation utility does not start automatically, double-click the setup.exe file in the download folder. Connect your DataMan device to your PC. Choose Start->Cognex->DataMan Software vX.

How do I update my Cognex DataMan firmware?

Launch the DataMan Setup Tool and connect to your DataMan reader as described in the previous section. Choose System->Update Firmware or press F9 on your keyboard.

How do I pair my Cognex scanner?

Place the reader in the base station. The reader then blinks green/blue until it gets paired with the base station (or until the end of the 20 second timeout period). When the reader is put on the base station, the base station drops its pairing with its old reader and pairs with the new reader.

What setting in DataMan do you use to change the IP address of a camera?

To force the network settings on your DataMan, select Use Static IP Address and enter an IP Address and Subnet Mask that will be on the same subnet as the PC. Make sure this IP address is not yet in use (for example, test by pinging it).

How do I change my Cognex DataMan IP address?

In the following example, the IP address is set by Cognex Setup Tool.

  1. Connect the DMA-EZCCM-001 to a PC via the Ethernet interface.
  2. Open DataMan Setup Tool.
  3. Go to Repair & Support tab and select which discovered device you want to setup.
  4. In the right pane configure the IP details for the device.

How do I add a Cognex camera to my network?


  1. Verify that your device is physically connected to the network.
  2. Open the Add Sensor/Device to Network dialog and select the device from the list.
  3. Select Reset Sensor Settings to Factory Defaults.
  4. Click Apply.
  5. In the confirmation dialog that appears, click OK.

How do you assign an IP address to a Cognex camera?