What is dispossession land?

What is dispossession land?

the fact of having property, especially buildings or land, taken away from you, or the act of taking property away from a person or group: He said that the country was founded on the dispossession and slaughter of the land’s indigenous inhabitants.

Who has ownership of the Aboriginal flag?

In the words of the Prime Minister, the Aboriginal flag is now free to be used by all Australians. More than 50 years after the flag was designed, the federal government has acquired the copyright in a $20 million deal with Luritja artist Harold Thomas.

What is the issue with the Aboriginal flag?

Controversy over the flag erupted in June 2019. Clothing the Gaps, an Aboriginal-owned-and-led business, received cease and desist letters from a non-Indigenous company, WAM Clothing, demanding it stop using the Aboriginal flag on its clothing.

What does Aboriginal dispossession mean?

Homelessness in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities is directly linked to dispossession. The collective historical experience of Aboriginal people has been one of exclusion from the lands they traditionally occupied and used.

What was Aboriginal dispossession?

Displacement to missions, stations and reserves of Environment and Heritage, ‘Aboriginal reserves were created as a political response to the dispossession of Aboriginal people from their land’, and were small parcels of government-owned land separate to white settlements.

Who owns the Aboriginal flag 2021?

Ken Wyatt emphasised that “all Australians can freely display and use the flag to celebrate Indigenous culture. Now that the Commonwealth holds the copyright, it belongs to everyone, and no one can take it away.”

Do you have to pay to use the Aboriginal flag?

New copyright owner, new freedoms In what is essentially a licence to the Australian public at large, the press release states that the Aboriginal Flag is now ‘in public hands’ and ‘freely available for public use’ without users needing to obtain permission or pay fees or royalties.

Are there any rules for flying the Aboriginal flag?

Permission is not required to fly the Australian Aboriginal flag, however, the Australian Aboriginal flag is protected by copyright and may only be reproduced in accordance with the provisions of the Copyright Act 1968 or with the permission of Mr Harold Thomas.

Can I wear the Aboriginal flag?

If you’re still unsure if it’s appropriate for you, then you should ask before you buy it. People wearing products with Indigenous designs should feel comfortable and proud wearing it. You may encounter some awkward and unexpected questions or comments, so the person wearing it needs to be prepared.

When did Aboriginal dispossession end?

Aboriginal people are banned from central Perth until 1948.

What is dispossession in history?

Ramp Hollow places dispossession—usually an outlier, or an act of primitive accumulation, in the history of capitalism—at the center of an ongoing story that reveals unequal power, rather than simply market laws, as a forceful factor in capitalism’s expansion.

When did Aboriginal dispossession start?

1983. Aboriginal Land Rights Act (NSW) recognises dispossession and dislocation of NSW Aboriginal people with land tax funding as compensation, and sets up a 3-tiered system of Aboriginal Land Councils (state, regional and local).

Why did Australia buy the Aboriginal flag?

The Australian government has bought the Aboriginal flag’s copyright in a bid to “free” the symbol of identity from bitter fights over who can use it. Indigenous artist Harold Thomas created the flag in 1971 as a protest image but it is now the dominant Aboriginal emblem and an official national flag.

Did Harold Thomas sell the rights to the Aboriginal flag?

Even though he has relinquished his copyright, Harold Thomas will retain his moral rights. The Commonwealth has further agreed that all future royalties received from Flagworld flag sales will be going to National Aborigines and Islanders Day Observance Committee (NAIDOC).

Can I fly a flag in my garden?

You would need consent for displaying them in a controlled area. Up to two flags can be flown without consent when erected in the grounds of a building. But only one flag can be flown within the gardens of a building if another flag is either being flown from the roof.

Is it illegal to put the Australian flag on the ground?

The Flag normally takes precedence over all other national flags when flown in Australia. It should always be flown aloft and free and should not be allowed to fall or lie upon the ground.