What is EverTune on a guitar?

What is EverTune on a guitar?

The EverTune bridge keeps a guitar in tune despite changes in tension. The mechanical device maintains a constant state of tension despite changes in temperature or humidity or the exertion of pressure on the string.

What is the point of EverTune?

A patented all mechanical guitar bridge system that keeps your guitar in tune under any conditions. And yes, you can bend normally with EverTune.

Does the EverTune effect tone?

So the more the string is “untuned” the more Evertune moves the intonation point. On some strings the intonation can be off to almost a half tone. That is a simple fact and not good for those who require the best intonation stability. Most won’t care about it, some will.

Who invented EverTune?

Paul Dowd
EverTune guitar tuning system. Founder and President of Creative Engineering, Paul Dowd, invented the famous Evertune guitar, the guitar that never goes out of tune.

Do you need locking tuners with EverTune?

Because the EverTune bridge contains no string locking mechanisms, changing strings is the same as it would be on any string-through style body/bridge system. Assuming your new strings are the same gauge as the old strings, your guitar should be in tune once you rewind your saddle placement up to Zone 2.

Does EverTune affect sustain?

Re: Evertune Sustain You can’t get much more disconnected from the body than the Evertune system and the springs are actively counter-acting the tension on the strings depending on how aggressively you have them set. So it’s definitely going to impact your sustain.

Are EverTune bridges any good?

It’s a really cool sleek looking bridge, if you look at it, you wouldn’t really know that there’s all this cool crazy technology going on under the hood. It’s all mechanical, which is really why I like it. And it works. The additional benefits of the EverTune bridge is accurate intonation over the entire fingerboard.

How do you lower your action in EverTune?

To adjust the action height of each EverTune saddle, turn the hex key in the action hole. To move the saddle up, turn the hex key counterclockwise. To move the saddle down, turn the hex key clockwise.

How do I change tuning on an EverTune?

To tune a string, put the saddle in Zone 2, as covered in Step 1, and then use the EverTune hex key to adjust the tension of the saddle. Insert the EverTune hex key into the tuning hole (Fig. 3) and then turn it clockwise to increase the pitch and counter- clockwise to decrease the pitch.

Can I replace Floyd Rose with EverTune?

EverTune can be fitted into most guitars that have Floyd Rose and Kahler and any other tremolo bridges. However, it is always the case that EverTune will require its own custom routing adn many cases some small wood holes from the previous bridge route will have to be filled.

Does EverTune have a tremolo?

It is designed to be a fixed bridge. However, EverTune technically does have floating saddles that do tremolo when moved with a finger or the EverTune hex key.