What is FMOP?

What is FMOP?

An assessment of the fair maintainable trade (FMT) and fair maintainable operating profit (FMOP) that could be achieved at the property.

What is comparison method of valuation?

The comparison method to property valuation is an approach which uses the value of recently sold comparable assets to determine the value of a property. In real terms this will mean looking at similar properties within the area and using the sales prices they achieved to guide a valuation decision.

What is fair maintainable trade?

In England and Wales, the Valuation Office Agency ( VOA ) works out your rateable value based on the annual level of trade (excluding VAT ) that a pub is expected to achieve if operated in a reasonably efficient way. This is called ‘fair maintainable trade’ and it’s based on: the type of pub or licensed premises.

What is FMT in valuation?

The generally accepted approach to valuing trading businesses is the Profits Method – applying an appropriate multiplier to the Fair Maintainable Operating Profit; which in turn is derived from the Fair Maintainable Trade (or FMT).

What is intra pulse modulation?

Introduction. Intra-pulse modulation classification of radar emitter signals is a key technology, which helps to analyze the radar systems. It plays an important role in electronic support measure (ESM) systems, electronic intelligence (ELINT) systems and radar warning re- ceivers (RWRs) [1–3].

What is the residual method of valuation?

Introduction. Residual valuation is the process of valuing land with development potential. The sum of money available for the purchase of land can be calculated from the value of the completed development minus the costs of development (including profit).

Why is profits method of valuation used?

The profits method is used in the absence of rental evidence, and where there is a sufficient element of legal or factual monopoly, provided that the valuer feels the occupier’s accounts provide a reasonable guide. A modified profits test is applied to public houses, theatres and cinemas.

What is a reasonably efficient operator?

Sample 1. Reasonably Efficient Operator means a reasonably efficient operator which has a different basic cost function to Eircom and does not yet enjoy the same economies of scale and scope as Eircom; Sample 1.

What are range sidelobes?

Also refereed to as range sidelobes, a radar system that is using pulse compression techniques, which are used in modern radars and increasingly in Marine radars using solid state power amplifiers (SSPA).

Why residual method is used?

The residual method is applied for developing land or projects to estimate the value of an undeveloped land. It is used when there are no comparable market prices available.

How do you value a RICS restaurant?

RICS guidance emphasises that a trade related property is usually valued by treating the physical property, the trade inventory and the market’s perception of the trading potential for the business as single entity. It is the potential income from an operational entity that is the primary concern of a purchaser.

Why do Sidelobes occur?

Sidelobes are an unfortunate reality of all directional antennas. They are a consequence of nature and are directly related to diffraction effects in light – and there are similar effects in sound and water waves. Diffraction occurs whenever there is a sharp discontinuity in a radiating or reflecting surface.

Are Sidelobes desirable in primary radar?

The sides lobes are an important parameter and techniques in a radar system are used to reduce these such as amplitude weighting. So in the radar system they are not desirable, and reducing to a minimum is important.