What is G12 in Christianity?

What is G12 in Christianity?

The G12 Vision is a Christian evangelism and discipleship strategy established by Pastor César Castellanos, the founder of International Charismatic Mission Church. G12 has been adopted worldwide by different churches.

What is cell group G12?

A cell group is a small meeting that a leader organizes once a week in a house. Its main purpose is winning new people to Jesus, whom the leader directs in a process of growth based on the Word of God.

What is cell fellowship?

Cell groups are generally intended to teach the Bible and personalize Christian fellowship. They are always used in cell churches, but also occur in parachurch organizations and other interdenominational settings, where they are usually referred to as such as Bible study groups.

What is G12 school leader?

The School of Leaders is one of the most essential component of the G12 ladder of success. It is where students are being equipped and empowered in Christian leadership. The approach in teaching and learning is practical and applicable where the growth of every potential and future leader is being made intentional.

What does the seal on the forehead represent?

Keeping God’s Commandments and the Faith of Jesus. Those who receive God’s seal upon their foreheads are “God’s commandment-keeping people.” “Here is the patience of the saints: here are they that keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus” (Rev 14:12; Testimonies, 6:15).

What is prayer cell?

Prayer cell is not a mini church, but a small number of people, say two – three people that gather together to pray. When it grows to more than that number, it should be divided further to make the cell prayer spread fast.

What was the mark that Cain had?

The mark of Cain is God’s promise to offer Cain divine protection from premature death with the stated purpose of preventing anyone from killing him. It is not known what the mark was, but it is assumed that the mark was visible.

How do you start a prayer cell?

Steps to Start a Prayer Line

  1. Enlist listeners for your prayer line.
  2. Set up a free conferencing account to host your prayer line with up to 1000 people at a time.
  3. Pick a subject or topic to talk about on your prayer line in advance.
  4. Let your participants know that your prayer line is ready to go!

How do you conduct a prayer group?

To conduct a prayer meeting, try starting with a few minutes of silence to allow people to connect to God individually. Or, sing a couple of worship songs to set the tone for the meeting. After that, have a short discussion about prayers and open the floor to prayer requests.