What is GE synonym?

What is GE synonym?

Ge- comes from Greek gê, meaning “earth.” A synonym of gê is khthṓn, which is the source of several words related to the underworld, such as chthonic.

What is the word for combination of companies?

merger. (redirected from Business combination)

What are the words related to company?


  • business.
  • association.
  • concern.
  • corporation.
  • establishment.
  • firm.
  • house.
  • partnership.

Which is the closest synonym for the word corporation?

synonyms for corporation

  • business.
  • company.
  • enterprise.
  • association.
  • corporate body.
  • legal entity.
  • multinational.
  • partnership.

Is GE a real word?

No, ge is not in the scrabble dictionary.

What is another name for a group of companies?

What is another word for company?

firm business
chain conglomerate
consortium group
interest multinational
partnership practice

What is another name for group of companies?

What is the word for a group of companies?

chain. noun. a group of businesses such as shops, hotels, or restaurants that all belong to the same person or company.

What is a short term for corporation?

Inc. is the abbreviation for incorporation while Corp. is the abbreviation for corporation. Both abbreviations are used in the names of entities that have been incorporated.

What is the synonym of cooperative?

Synonyms & Near Synonyms for cooperative. collective, commune, community.

What does GE stand for company?

GE General Electric Business » Companies & Firms — and more… Rate it:
GE General Electric Company Business » NYSE Symbols Rate it:
Ge Germanium Academic & Science » Chemistry Rate it:
GE Genetically Engineered Medical » Human Genome Rate it:
GE Genetic Engineering Medical » Human Genome Rate it:

What GE means?

General Electric, a multinational American technology and services conglomerate. GE Appliances, an American home appliance manufacturer.

What do you call a group of companies under one company?

A conglomerate is a corporation made up of several different, independent businesses. In a conglomerate, one company owns a controlling stake in smaller companies that each conduct business operations separately. Conglomerates can be created in several ways, including mergers or acquisitions.

What do you call a company that owns multiple businesses?

A holding company is a type of financial organization that owns a controlling interest in other companies, which are called subsidiaries.