What is Idaho balsam fir good for?

What is Idaho balsam fir good for?

Today, the essential oil from balsam fir needles is used as an anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, expectant, and to reduce anxiety and promote sleep.

Is Idaho grand fir the same as Idaho balsam fir?

IS IDAHO GRAND FIR THE SAME ESSENTIAL OIL AS IDAHO BALSAM FIR? A. Yes, the only differences between the two oils are the name on the front of the label and the scientific name listed as the ingredient. It is the same oil that was sold under the name Idaho Balsam Fir in the past.

What is Idaho grand fir used for?

Idaho Grand Fir essential oil has a grounding, evergreen aroma that can be used to enhance yoga or meditation when diffused or inhaled. Applied topically, it soothes skin and enhances massage following physical activity.

What can I use instead of Idaho blue spruce?

For a close aromatic substitute to Spruce, try using Cypress, Fir, or Pine oil.

Is balsam fir oil safe for dogs?

Balsam Fir essential oil is safe for use around dogs. By diluting this essential oil with a carrier oil, Balsam Fir can be massaged into sore muscles after a heavy workout.

What is Idaho blue spruce oil used for?

Applied topically, blue spruce has been known to relieve tense and stressed muscles, while the woodsy aroma of this oil invigorates the senses, brings peace to the mind, and relaxes the body. Its aromatic influences may also help open and release emotional blocks, bringing a feeling of balance and peaceful security.

Are white fir and grand fir the same?

Grand fir is often shipped along with these other species. It can also referred to as “white fir” lumber, an umbrella term also referring to Abies amabilis, Abies concolor, and Abies magnifica. Lumber from the grand fir is considered a softwood. As such, it is used for paper making, packing crates, and construction.

What is Idaho blue spruce good for?

Is black spruce the same as blue spruce?

Black Spruce is a medium-sized coniferous tree that tolerates wet ground better than most spruces. It has a characteristic straight trunk and a narrow crown. Blue Spruce, also known as Colorado Spruce, is our best selling tree! People are attracted to the distinctive blue-green color of this hardy evergreen.

What is the difference between a Fraser and balsam fir?

Balsams grow faster meaning their branch strength is less than a Fraser, however Balsams are often “fuller”, with more, closer growing branches. Unlike the Fraser, Balsams have “soft” needles. This means that the needles lay flat so when you grab a branch with your hand, it’s not sharp.

Is balsam fir a good Christmas tree?

Balsam fir has long been a preferred species for many consumers because of its strong Christmas tree scent. It has dark green needles and excellent form.

Is balsam toxic to pets?

The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) noted: “Amaryllis, mistletoe, balsam, pine, cedar, and holly are among the common holiday plants that can be dangerous and even poisonous to pets who decide to eat them.

What does Idaho blue spruce smell like?

Idaho Blue Spruce has a scent that is more rounded and less sharp than other evergreens; it has a mysterious quality. To me, it smells like a velvety black night sky full of stars. At the same time, it smells fresh and very much like the wilderness.

What is the bluest spruce tree?

Outstanding evergreen tree, generally considered the bluest form. New growth is especially bright blue. Pyramidal form that holds stiff horizontal branches with dense silvery-blue needles….Picea pungens ‘Hoopsii’

Botanical Pronunciation PY-see-a PUN-jenz
Water Needs Moderate

Is balsam fir a good tree?