What is impact resistance IK10?

What is impact resistance IK10?

IK10 Protected against 20 joules impact. Equivalent to impact of 5 kg mass dropped from 400 mm above impacted surface.

How do you test impact resistance?

IMPACT RESISTANCE Testing During a impact resistance test, a specimen with a notched ‘pre-crack’ is subjected to a sudden impact load. By measuring the energy absorbed as the crack lengthens, the material’s toughness and resistance to crack extension is determined.

What is IK10 standard?

Impact resistance IK10 is defined in standard EN62262. There are 12 strength classes in the standard, ranging from IK00 of the lowest category to IK11 of the highest classification. IK10 corresponds to a shock resistance of 20 joules or the fall of a 5.0 kg impact element from a height of 0.4 m.

What is IK10 rating lighting?

IK10. Protected against the impact of 5kg dropped from 400mm (20 joules)

What is IK and IP?

The first number describes the protection against solid bodies, while the second number is for the protection against liquids. As for IK standards, they’re used to describe the protection of objects against mechanical impacts.

What are the types of impact testing?

There are two main forms of impact test, the Izod and the Charpy test. Both involve striking a standard specimen with a controlled weight pendulum travelling at a set speed. The amount of energy absorbed in fracturing the test piece is measured and this gives an indication of the notch toughness of the test material.

How is impact test calculated?

Impact strength is calculated by dividing impact energy in J by the area under the notch. The test result is typically the average of 10 specimens. The higher the resulting numbers the tougher the material.

What is IK10 rating in lighting?

Our New Vapor Proof Fixtures Our newest offering of Vapor Proof Linear Fixtures and Vapor Proof Linear High Bays go beyond providing protection from moisture and dusty environments: they’re IK10 Rated too, which means they can withstand 20 joules of impact (equivalent to the impact of 5kg object dropped at 400mm).

What is IK10 in lighting?

IK07 – Protected from a 0.5kg object falling from 40cm 2J. IK08 – Protected from a 1.7kg object falling from 29.5cm 5J. IK09 – Protected from a 5kg object falling from 20cm 10J. IK10 – Protected from a 5kg object falling from 40cm 20J.

What is IK value?

IK classification, or Ik value, is an indication that is used in the LED technology and indicates the degree of protection against mechanical impact, the impact resistance.

How do you calculate the impact resistance of a material?

What are the types of impact tests?