What is JTable used for?

What is JTable used for?

The JTable is used to display and edit regular two-dimensional tables of cells. See How to Use Tables in The Java Tutorial for task-oriented documentation and examples of using JTable .

What is JTable model?

The TableModel interface specifies the methods the JTable will use to interrogate a tabular data model. The JTable can be set up to display any data model which implements the TableModel interface with a couple of lines of code: TableModel myData = new MyTableModel(); JTable table = new JTable(myData);

What is JTable renderer?

A JTable automatically creates renderers for cells which can be called as default renderers. These renderers are based on the data type the cell displays. For example, for a numeric column, JTable creates renderers which display the value as right-aligned.

What is JTable in Java Swing?

The JTable class is a part of Java Swing Package and is generally used to display or edit two-dimensional data that is having both rows and columns. It is similar to a spreadsheet. This arranges data in a tabular form.

What is the purpose of JTable Mcq?

The JTable class is used to display data in tabular form. It is composed of rows and columns.

What is a DefaultTableModel?

This is an implementation of TableModel that uses a Vector of Vectors to store the cell value objects. Warning: DefaultTableModel returns a column class of Object . When DefaultTableModel is used with a TableRowSorter this will result in extensive use of toString , which for non- String data types is expensive.

What is renderer in Java?

A Renderer converts the internal representation of UIComponent s into the output stream (or writer) associated with the response we are creating for a particular request.

What is a component Java?

A component is an object having a graphical representation that can be displayed on the screen and that can interact with the user. Examples of components are the buttons, checkboxes, and scrollbars of a typical graphical user interface.

Which constructor used for JTable is?

The JTable class is used to display data in tabular form. It is composed of rows and columns….Commonly used Constructors:

Constructor Description
JTable() Creates a table with empty cells.
JTable(Object[][] rows, Object[] columns) Creates a table with the specified data.

How fetch data from database to JTable in Java?

Display Records From Database Using JTable in Java

  1. DisplayEmpData.java.
  2. emp.sql.
  3. Open the NetBeans IDE.
  4. Choose “Java” -> “Java Application” as in the following.
  5. Now type your project name as “JTableApp” as in the following.
  6. Now create a new Java Class with the name “DisplayEmpData” and provide the following code for it.

How do you add data to a table in Java?

3 Answers

  1. Set the table column headers. Highglight the table in the design view then go to properties pane on the very right.
  2. Add a button to the frame somwhere,. This button will be clicked when the user is ready to submit a row.
  3. The jTable1 will have a DefaultTableModel . You can add rows to the model with your data.

Why @component is used in Spring?

@Component is an annotation that allows Spring to automatically detect our custom beans. In other words, without having to write any explicit code, Spring will: Scan our application for classes annotated with @Component. Instantiate them and inject any specified dependencies into them.

How fetch data from database in Java and display HTML form?

Program to display data from database through servlet and JDBC

  1. import java.io.*;
  2. import javax.servlet.*;
  3. import javax.servlet.http.*;
  4. import java.sql.*;
  5. public class display extends HttpServlet.
  6. {
  7. public void doGet(HttpServletRequest req, HttpServletResponse res) throws IOException, ServletException.
  8. {