What is MEO in satellite communication?

What is MEO in satellite communication?

A medium Earth orbit (MEO) is an Earth-centred orbit with an altitude above a low Earth orbit (LEO) and below a high Earth orbit (HEO) – between 2,000 and 35,786 km (1,243 and 22,236 mi) above sea level.

When were communication satellites first put in orbit?

However, 58 years ago, a beach-ball sized satellite sparked a new era of electronic communications. That satellite was Telstar 1. It launched on July 10, 1962. The mission was a cooperative effort between AT and the space agency to demonstrate, “the feasibility of transmitting information via satellite.”

What is Middle Earth MEO satellite?

What is a medium earth orbit satellite? A medium earth orbit (MEO) satellite orbits the earth at an altitude above that of a low earth orbit (LEO) satellite and below that of a geostationary earth orbit (GEO) satellite.

What is in medium Earth orbit?

Medium Earth orbit (MEO) Medium Earth orbit comprises a wide range of orbits anywhere between LEO and GEO. It is similar to LEO in that it also does not need to take specific paths around Earth, and it is used by a variety of satellites with many different applications.

What was the first communication satellite launched in 1962?

Telstar 1
Launched on July 10, 1962, Telstar 1, developed by the American Telephone and Telegraph Company (AT), was the world’s first active communications satellite. AT used the satellite to test basic features of communications via space.

What is the use of medium Earth orbit?

The Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) region hosts satellites for navigation, communication, and geodetic/space environmental science, among which are the Global Navigation Satellites Systems (GNSS).

What is the range of MEO satellites which operate?

orbits: low Earth orbit (LEO), medium Earth orbit (MEO), and geostationary or geosynchronous orbit (GEO). LEO satellites are positioned at an altitude between 160 km and 1,600 km (100 and 1,000 miles) above Earth. MEO satellites operate from 10,000 to 20,000 km (6,300 to 12,500 miles) from Earth.

What is the distance range of MEO satellite from Earth?

MEO satellites operate from 10,000 to 20,000 km (6,300 to 12,500 miles) from Earth.

Which was the first Earth communication Indian satellite?

APPLE Ariane Passenger PayLoad Experiment
Ariane Passenger PayLoad Experiment, APPLE was an experimental communication satellite successfully launched by Ariane-1, from Kourou, French Guiana on June 19, 1981, exactly 35 years back, marking an important milestone in India’s space programme.

Which is the first communication satellite?

The world’s first commercial communications satellite, Intelsat 1, or Early Bird, launched April 6, 1965.

What are the types of Earth orbit satellite systems?

There are essentially three types of Earth orbits: high Earth orbit, medium Earth orbit, and low Earth orbit. Many weather and some communications satellites tend to have a high Earth orbit, farthest away from the surface.

What satellites are in mid Earth orbit?

Some examples of satellites that operate from this orbit include GPS (Altitude of 20,200 kilometers), GLONASS (Altitude of 19,100 kilometers) and Galileo (Altitude of 23,222 kilometers). Communication Satellites covering the North and South Pole also revolve in MEO.

What type of satellite is Aryabhatta?

unmanned Earth satellite
Aryabhata was the first unmanned Earth satellite built by India, assembled at Peenya, near Bangalore, but launched from the Soviet Union by a Russian-made rocket in 1975.