What is Merocel sponge?

What is Merocel sponge?

Merocel is a compressed, dehydrated sponge composed of hydroxylated polyvinyl acetate. After insertion, it requires rehydration with normal saline to achieve its optimal size within the nasal cavity and compress the bleeding vessels.

When can I remove Merocel nasal pack?

Merocel nasal packs are useful tampons with ease of use and effective control of bleeding after surgery. There are disadvantage of patient discomfort while removing the nasal packing. The packings can be removed 24-48 hours after operation (1).

What happens after nasal packing removal?

If you are discharged home with nasal packing, you should remove it the next morning by pulling on the black string which is attached to the packing. DO NOT CUT THE STRING as there are no sutures. You can expect some bloody mucus drainage from your nose for up to one week after surgery.

How long does it take for dissolvable nasal pack to dissolve?

XeroGel nasal packing swells upon placement in the nasal cavity, gently conforming to your patients’ anatomy to minimize bleeding. It maintains a cohesive structure to separate tissue, yet prevents adhesions and aids in the natural healing process. Plus, it dissolves gradually, typically within one week.

How long can you leave nasal packing in?

After nasal packing is placed, whether with or without cauterization, it is usually left in place for 2 to 4 days (typically 48 hours), unless the patient is intolerant to the packing or complications arise.

Can I remove nasal packing myself?

There are dissolvable and non-dissolvable packs. Packs that are dissolvable can be left in your nose and will dissolve over several days. Non-absorbable packs will need to be removed before you are discharged from hospital.

Can you swallow nasal packing?

We report a rare case of accidental ingestion of nasal packing gauze during an en-DCR under local anesthesia. A fallen nasal packing gauze into the throat or deeper potentially results in serious complication such as airway obstruction [2], aspiration [4], and bowel perforation [5].

Does it hurt to remove nasal packing?

It takes about five minutes to work. Patients are pleasantly surprised when the packing removal generates hardly any discomfort because of the combination of the oral pain medication as well as the liquid pain medication that was instilled into the nasal interior.