What is nae Maeum?

What is nae Maeum?

i’ll save you in my heart.

What does Maeum mean in Korean?

In most Korean songs, gaseum (가슴) and maeum (마음) are translated to heart, but what are their main difference? translation.

What does NAE in Korean mean?

네 [ne], the shortened version of the casual possessive, 너의 [neoui], meaning, “your” often gets pronounced as 니 [ni] instead of 네(ne] in spoken Korean. This is because 내 [nae] meaning “my” sounds so similar to 네 [ne].

What is the meaning of NAE Nampyeon?

i love you..husband.

What is Ma Eum in Korean?

You may have heard this word a lot and at times people will say it means, “heart” but if you look at dictionary sites and other areas it’ll probably say “mind”. But 마음 (ma-eum) is a mix between both of those things.

What does Maum mean in Korean?

Maum is an original Korean word that roughly translates to “body.” Although not rooted in Chinese, it is similar to the Chinese word shin-che (身體).

What is dae in Korean?

The name Dae is primarily a male name of Korean origin that means Greatness.

What is Namchin in Korean?

Korean relationships & romance 1. 남친 / 여친 – (namchin / yeochin) Meaning: boyfriend/girlfriend. This is a shortened way of saying 남자 친구 (nam-ja chin-goo) and 여자 친구 (yeo-ja chin-goo). This is similar to shortening boyfriend and girlfriend in English using gf and bf.

What is Hateu in Korean?

저는 당신이 싫습니다 (jeoneun dangsini silseumnida) If you want to say ‘I hate you’ in Korean, then the most common way is to just use the verb ‘to hate’ on its own. In formal Korean, this simply means saying 싫어합니다 (sileohamnida)or 싫습니다 (silseumnida).

What does Gaeul mean in Korean?

Ga-eul, also spelled Ka-eul, is a Korean unisex given name, predominantly feminine. Unlike most Korean names, which are composed of two Sino-Korean roots each written with one hanja, “Gaeul” is an indigenous Korean name: a single word meaning “autumn”.