What is pipe restraint?

What is pipe restraint?

Axial pipe restraint means that the support will incorporate some means of positively restricting the movement of the supported pipe along its longitudinal access in line with the pipe.

When would you use a restrained joint pipe?

Restrained joint pipe and fittings are used in pressurized Ductile Iron pipelines to prevent the joints of the line from separating due to thrust forces. Thrust forces generally occur at changes of direction in the line.

What is a mega lug used for?

MEGALUG Mechanical Joint Restraints replace external re- straints such as cumbersome concrete thrust blocks and corrod- ible metal tie rods creating a quicker, safer and more economical installation.

How do you restrain water pipes?

To prevent pipe joint separation, concrete restraints called thrust blocks can be placed up against the underground pipe fittings. A thrust block disperses the force that hits a joint and transfers it to the surrounding soil.

What is self restrained pipe?

A self-restrained pipe joint system and method of assembly to connect two lengths of pipe in a mechanical joint, which maximizes the advantages of both restrained push-on joints as well as mechanical joints, as are known commonly in the art.

How many bolts are in a Megalug?

4 Bolts
EBAA® MEGALUG® 1103DSC Pipe Restrainer, 3 in Pipe, 350 psi, 4 Bolts, 2 Wedges, Ductile Iron, Domestic.

How do you calculate thrust block size?

Thrust Force Calculation for Thrust block design Thrust force, F = 2 P A sin (ϕ/ 2) Where: P = design pressure, A = cross-sectional area of the pipe, and ϕ = angle of the bend.

What is megalug ring made of?

The MEGALUG restraint ring and bell ring are made of ductile iron. The simple installation procedure and proven restraint capability make this the best restraint available for new installations. Available in sizes 14 inch through 54 inch. The Series 1100HV restrains existing pipe bell joints on AWWA C900 PVC Pipe.

What is the quick burst strength of PVC pipe?

One of the primary tests of PVC is its quick burst strength. For pipe meeting the requirements of AWWA C900-16 and ASTM 2241, the minimum quick burst requirement for the hoop stress is 6,400 PSI. For DR18, pipe pressure is 755 PSI. The second test is sustained pressure test at a hoop stress of 4,200 PSI. For DR18 pipe, that pressure is 500 PSI.

What is the best way of restraining PVC pipe to mechanical joints?

The Series 2000PV MEGALUG Mechanical Joint Restraint is the fastest and most economical method of restraining PVC pipe to mechanical joints. It can be used with C900, C905 or IPS OD PVC pipe.

How do I know if my pipe is 2000pv?

Identify the pipe. The 2000PV is for use with PVC and HDPE pipe. The 4 inch through 12 inch size may be used on C900, and IPS PVC pipe as well as C906 HDPE pipe. Check to see if the spacers under the screws are in place.