What is quick tube used for?

What is quick tube used for?

The QUIK-TUBE™ Building Form is a great way for homeowners and contractors to create everything from lamp post bases to deck supports. QUIK-TUBE™ rigid fiber building forms are the ideal method of pouring cylinder-shaped concrete foundations for deck and porch supports and other load bearing applications.

What is a quikrete tube?

QUIK-TUBES are rigid fiber building forms that eliminate the need to build wood forms. Use for deck footings, goal posts, fence posts and mailboxes or lamps. Multiple layers of high-quality fiber laminated with an adhesive, with a special coating which resists moisture and facilitates even curing.

How many bags of concrete do I need for a quikrete tube?

4 bags
A 10 inch (5/6 foot) diameter by 48 inch (4 feet) long QUIKRETE® QUIK-TUBE® will require 2.18 cubic feet of concrete, or 4 bags (of 80 lb each) of QUIKRETE® Concrete Mix.

Are concrete tube forms necessary?

Concrete form tubes are used for pouring concrete above ground, not below. When pouring concrete in a hole in the ground the hole is the only form you need. Like mentioned above, the pour will be stronger if you just pour the concrete straight into the hole.

How many bags of concrete do I need for 12 sonotube?

Concrete Mixes

# of bags required per: 25 kg 25 kg
8″ x 4′ tube 3.2 6.5
10″ x 4′ tube 5.1 10.1
12″ x 4′ tube 7.3 14.6

How many bags of concrete do I need to fill a 12 inch sonotube?

Concrete Mixes

# of bags required per: 25 kg 30 kg
8″ x 4′ tube 3.2 5.4
10″ x 4′ tube 5.1 8.5
12″ x 4′ tube 7.3 12.2

Do you need a footing under a sonotube?

Once adjustments have been made, your Sonotube should stand evenly on its own. However, if you are using an in-ground footing, your tube should sit evenly on top of it. In theory, your Sonotube should stay in place on its own.

Can I make a concrete form out of cardboard?

Using cardboard boxes as a forming material for concrete is great because they come in a huge range of sizes and you can get them for free. The versatility of duct tape makes it ideal for temporarily water-proofing and reinforcing the cardboard box.

Does concrete stick to Saran Wrap?

Concrete also sticks very well to plastic. Treating plastic with a release agent prior to coming in contact with concrete is the best way to ensure your plastic buckets and tools remain free of dry concrete.

What can I use instead of Sonotubes?

screw piles
Pro Post Foundations screw piles in return, should be considered as your best alternative to concrete sonotubes.

Does concrete stick to aluminum foil?

Don’t use concrete with aluminum foil or other aluminum products.