What is sk N MC cells?

What is sk N MC cells?

Description. SK-N-MC was originally described as a neuroblastoma cell line. It is now widely regarded as having originated from an Askin’s tumor (Ewing family of tumors). These cells harbor the oncogenic EWS-FLI1 chromosomal rearrangement.

How do you transfect cell protocols?

In a standard transfection protocol, the cells are plated on day 1, transfected on day 2 and assayed on day 3 or 4. In a reverse transfection protocol, cells are added directly to a plate containing the transfection reagent/DNA mix and assayed on day 2 or 3.

What is the best transfection reagent?

These results suggest that FuGENE HD is the most preferred transfection reagent for many cell lines, followed by Arrest-In and jetPEI. These results may be useful for improving nonviral gene and cell therapy applications.

How do you transfect hek293t cells?

The protocol for a 24-well transfection reaction with HEK293 cells is here:

  1. Plate 10,000-15,000 HEK293 cells per well in 0.5 ml of complete growth medium 12-24 hours prior to transfection.
  2. Wash with 1xPBS and add 0.5 ml of fresh growth medium.

How do you transfect HEK293t cells?

What is PEI transfection?

As with most transfection reagents, PEI-mediated transfection involves the formation of nanoparticles (polyplexes) which are obtained by its mixing with plasmid DNA. A short incubation period that allows polyplexes to reach their optimal size is performed prior to their addition to the culture.

Should I change media before transfection?

It depends when you plate the cells for the transfection. If you plate the cells one day before transfection, then it may not be necessary to replace the medium. Off course, if you plate cells several days before the transfection, then it may be a good idea to change the medium before transfection.

When should I change media after transfection?

A complete media change can be performed 5 – 24 hours after transfection for very sensitive cells. For most cells, we recommend the media be changed only at 48 hours post-transfection until protocol optimization requires this extra media change. A complete media change should be performed at 48 hours post-transfection.