What is Spectralis?

What is Spectralis?

The SPECTRALIS® is an expandable diagnostic imaging platform which combines scanning laser fundus imaging with high-resolution OCT.

What type of OCT is Spectralis?

The SPECTRALIS® OCT Plus technology is a unique ophthalmic diagnostic imaging device used primarily to examine the structures of the retina, macula, and optic nerve. It combines two technologies, confocal scanning laser ophthalmoscopy (cSLO) and spectral domain optical coherence tomography (SD-OCT).

What is EDI in ophthalmology?

Enhanced depth imaging optical coherence tomography (EDI-OCT) is a novel imaging modality that has helped retina specialists learn more about the choroid’s role in the eye since its description several years ago. 1.

What is Spectralis tracking laser tomography?

SPECTRALIS® scanning laser angiography provides high-resolution diagnostic images and video sequences showing the dynamic movement of dye through the vessels and minute details of the parafoveal capillary network.

What is Spectralis HRA?

The SPECTRALIS® HRA imaging platform is especially designed for dye-based angiography such as Fluorescein Angiography (FA) and is equipped with several scanning laser fundus imaging modalities.

Who makes the Spectralis OCT?

Heidelberg Engineering GmbH
SPECTRALIS® OCT Angiography Module | Heidelberg Engineering GmbH.

What imaging system does Spectralis use?

The SPECTRALIS® HRA+OCT imaging platform combines scanning laser fundus imaging modalities including dye-based Fluorescein Angiography (FA) with simultaneous OCT imaging.

What is swept source OCT?

optical coher- ence tomography (SS-OCT), “swept source” refers to the type of laser incorporated into the device. Instead of the superluminescent diode laser typical of conventional spectral domain OCT (SD-OCT), SS-OCT uses a short-cavity swept laser.

What is a Heidelberg Spectralis?

Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) is a non-invasive imaging test that uses light waves to take cross-sectional pictures of your retina. With OCT, each of the retina’s distinctive layers can be seen with details discernible to micrometres.

What is the difference between swept source and spectral domain OCT?

The swept-source light source has a wavelength centered at ~1 µm that sweeps across a narrow band of wavelengths, while spectral-domain devices utilize a broadband light source. The laser frequency sweep labels different time delays, which are then detected by interference.

What is the difference between time domain and spectral domain OCT?

In time domain OCT, the depth information of the retina is collected as a function of time by moving the reference mirror. The reference mirror in spectral domain OCT, in contrast, is stationary. The light spectrum from the interferometer is detected by a spectrometer.

How much is a Heidelberg Spectralis?

Side-by-side comparisons of low-cost OCT system images and Heidelberg system images for a single patient. OD, right eye; OS, left eye; LC, low cost; HE, Heidelberg Engineering. Scale bars: 500 μm….Table 2.

Parameter Low-Cost OCT Heidelberg Spectralis
Cost, $ 5037 >60,000

What is cath lab OCT?

Optical coherence tomography (OCT) is a diagnostic procedure that is used during cardiac catheterization. Unlike ultrasound, which uses sound waves to produce an image of the blood vessels, OCT uses light.


The multimodal SPECTRALIS ® offers the ability to combine OCTA with structural OCT, confocal scanning laser imaging, and dye-based angiography in a single device to facilitate comprehensive clinical assessment and efficient patient care. Read more

Who is the publisher of SPECTRALIS diagram?

SPECTRALIS®Diagram 2014, Heidelberg Engineering, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 2238-003. Last updated: June 20143 SPECTRALIS Training Guide — Table of Contents 1.

How do I enter the default eye data in SPECTRALIS?

Select the SPECTRALIS system for the device type (Figure 5). 6. Enter operator initials. 7. Click OK. 8. Enter the correct cornea curvature or click OKto accept the default eye data (Figure 6).

Is there a gain control for the SPECTRALIS Oct with bluepeak?

** Only available on the SPECTRALIS OCT with BluePeak model. *** SPECTRALIS OCT with BluePeak does this automatically with an automatic Gain Control. Figure 32: Focusing Knob Figure 31: IR to BAF Figure 33: Gain Control Button