What is TCS-Maitree?

What is TCS-Maitree?

TCS-Maitree is the core central function within Tata Consultancy Services Ltd. to lead, direct, and facilitate all activities related to Employee Engagement and Volunteering at workplace (for Internal Community – TCSers and their family members), for external community (underprivileged /differently abled communities) …

Who is local ethics Counsellor in TCS?

All the Local Ethics Officers operate under the guidance of Chief Ethics Counselor, Mr B J Shroff.

What are the benefits for TCS employees?

Which benefits does Tata Consultancy Services provide?

  • Health Care & Insurance. 4.0★ 546 Ratings.
  • Life Insurance. 3.8★ 256 Ratings.
  • Disability Insurance. 3.9★ 38 Ratings.
  • Dental Insurance. 3.6★ 21 Ratings.
  • Vision Insurance. 3.7★ 15 Ratings.

What are the benefits after joining TCS?

Benefits of joining TCS as Fresher?

  • Health insurance-2 lakh for hospitalisation.
  • Food rates – minimum in canteen.
  • Higher education- it provides higher education for the employees.
  • Access to library- TCS gives access to library for employees.
  • Discounts on shopping.
  • On time salary.
  • Great learning opportunities.

Can brother and sister work in TCS?

Employees, officers and directors of Organizers and any affiliated entities, and their respective immediate families (parents, spouse, children, siblings) or individuals residing in their household (whether or not related) are not eligible Applicants.

Is there a+ band in TCS?

Now coming back to the first part. In TCS salary will be divided in the form of bands. It has an A to D band. These bands will be depending on the rating you get.

Is TCS job permanent?

I joined as a contract employee and they said after 6 months based on performance they will initiate permanent position.

Can I refer my wife in TCS?

Yes. TCSers can refer women candidates under this initiative. They can create profiles under the relevant Job IDs and can tag candidates in the “Bring Your Buddy” portal.

Who is TCS CEO?

Rajesh Gopinathan (Feb 21, 2017–)Tata Consultancy Services / CEO

Is TCS a government job?

Tata Consultancy Services – it’s like a government job in private sector.