What is the average rent for an apartment in Paris?

What is the average rent for an apartment in Paris?

A 1-bedroom can average between 1 000 € – 3 000 € per month. 2-bedroom apartments will move your budget between 2 200 € – 4 500 € in monthly rent. For larger spaces, one can expect rents to be between 3 000 € – 6 000 € for a 3-bedroom and 4 400 € – 12 000 €+ for a 4-bedroom+.

Is there a private apartment in the Eiffel Tower?

You Can Stay in an Apartment in the Eiffel Tower If you’re traveling to Paris, seeing the sights from the top of the Eiffel Tower is a can’t-miss opportunity. Now, four lucky people will have the chance to enjoy the iconic building in a unique way—from their own luxurious apartment on the first floor.

Who owns the apartment in Eiffel Tower?

Gustave Eiffel
Gustave Eiffel Had His Own Private Apartment at the Top of the Eiffel Tower. Gracing the Champs de Mars in Paris for just over 130 years, the Eiffel Tower has become a cultural icon emblematic of the City of Light.

What is it like to live in an apartment in Paris?

It’s impossible to get a more Parisian apartment, the majority of apartments in Paris are small! This apartment is basically a main space with a kitchen corner and a separate bathroom. The double bed is folded in a wardrobe during the day so you can have more space. It has air conditioning, wi-fi and there’s the possibility to rent bikes on site.

Where to live in Paris with a view of the Eiffel Tower?

Paris 8, Paris 15, and Paris 16 are also arrondissements or districts with Eiffel Tower views. For more information about these arrondissements, check out our Arrondissements of Paris Quick Guide. Here’s the list of the best apartments in Paris, France with a view of the Eiffel Tower:

What do the apartments look like at the Ritz Carlton?

The apartments (different units, with one to four bedrooms) are fully equipped and decorated in a classic, elegant style, with high ceilings and fireplace. A breakfast kit with a typical French breakfast can be requested for an extra fee.