What is the average size of a reception desk?

What is the average size of a reception desk?

60″ to 72″ long
In general, reception desks are from 60″ to 72″ long, with some models going up to 90″. However, while this is a standard option, it certainly isn’t the only one. When deciding on the length and size in general of your reception desk, you can try out other options, too.

What should be on a reception desk?

Receptionist desk/station. A comfortable and ergonomically appropriate chair for the receptionist. Chairs for guests to use while waiting. A table to hold literature or magazines or to provide a surface for visitors for their purses, their briefcases, or other personal belongings while waiting.

What is the height of a reception desk?

reception desk height on the finished floor should be between 28 and 34 inches.

What is the best depth for a desk?

We have found that 48 inches in depth is an ideal measurement around the desk and away from any obstacles. This allows enough room for the chair to be pushed out and moved back into place comfortably. Make sure to factor in any other stands or equipment that may be around the desk, even if it is against the wall.

How much space is needed in front of a reception desk?

50 square feet
Front Desk / Reception Desk and/or Administrative and Business area: 50 square feet, about a 6 foot by 8 foot area, is the minimum for one person to work comfortably. For each additional person in that area, add at least another 30 square feet, 50 to be comfortable.

Why should the reception desk face the door?

Should a reception desk face the front door? As soon as your visitors step into your office, they would want to know where to go and with whom to speak to point them in the right direction. That’s why you need to place your desk facing the front door, but not too close to it to create an unnecessary barrier.

How do I create a welcoming reception area?

10 Ways To Create A Welcoming Reception Area

  1. Design Welcoming Office Reception Area.
  2. Style Reception Area Around Your Company Brand.
  3. Indoor Green Plants Make Visitors Feel Better.
  4. Reception Area Wall Display Graphics and Decor.
  5. Choosing The Right Office Lighting.
  6. Choose The Right Furniture For Reception Area.

Why are reception desks so high?

A desk with a high counter is more secure, but it also separates your point-of-contact person from those seeking the help your company provides. Consider a lower desk surface, even if the desk itself is wide and imposing. This hides your receptionist less from incoming customers, and gives a sense of openness.

How far should a desk be from a wall?

The minimum clearance between the desk and the back wall, file cabinets or bookshelf is between 33 to 36 inches so that one can freely move around and access the file cabinets.

What items are important to have in the reception area?

5 Things Every Office Reception Area Should Have for Optimal Visitor Comfort

  • A Great Reception Desk. The most important aspect of any reception is the reception desk.
  • Warm And Welcoming Employees.
  • Comfortable Seating.
  • Beautiful Design Work.
  • Additional Accessories.

What is the most important part of the reception area?

One of the most important parts of your reception is the desk. They come in all shapes and sizes such as rectangular, square, and semi-circle. Choosing a smart and stylish desk can make (or break) the space. They ‘say’ a lot about your business and its culture.

Why should the reception desk face the visitors door or entrance?

How big should a reception area be?

How large should a reception area be? In a reception or waiting area, 20 square feet (1.89 sq. m) per person when seated in small chairs with an 80 square feet (7.43 sq. m) minimum altogether.