What is the best dorm at UC Berkeley?

What is the best dorm at UC Berkeley?

Blackwell Hall: One of the newest (and therefore nicest) residence halls at Berkeley. This complex is one block from campus and features single and double rooms, with some floors being co-ed. Closest dining hall is probably Cafe 3, which is a block away.

Can you dorm with the opposite gender Berkeley?

Residence Halls Students of all genders are welcomed at UC Berkeley, and housing is committed to fostering a safe, equitable and inclusive experience for all. Gender inclusive and LGBTQ+ affirming environments are available in University Housing.

Do Berkeley dorms have fridges?

Each residence hall room is pre-furnished with a desk, bed, drawers, shelf space for each student, as well as a MicroChill refrigerator and microwave combo unit.

Are Berkeley dorms first come first serve?

Newly-admitted students – undergraduate freshmen and transfers – receive housing priority. All newly-admitted students will receive a housing contract offer for their first year provided they meet all housing application and university deadlines, and are flexible about housing preferences.

Where should I live if I go to UC Berkeley?

Surveys show that while students live all over the Bay Area, most prefer to live in Berkeley or nearby communities, such as Albany, El Cerrito, or Rockridge. For those who enjoy city living, San Francisco is a good option.

Should you bring a TV to dorm?

Don’t go out and buy a TV for your dorm. You won’t have time. Or rather you shouldn’t have time. A TV in a dorm room will provide a constant source of temptation, especially if you subscribe to any type of streaming service.

Do Berkeley dorms have mirrors?

Rooms in campus housing are furnished with twin XL single beds* and/or bunk beds desks, chairs, and drawer space for each student. Rooms also include closets, mirrors, bookshelves, and wastebaskets. The room already has lighting fixtures installed and curtains on the windows.

Does UC Berkeley have nice dorms?

Cherishing the short and rare quietness One of my favorite parts of the UC Berkeley dorms is that they are so close to everything. Unlike most college dorms, which are secluded from the local city, UC Berkeley residence halls are integrated into the city and situated near so many restaurants and stores.

Do you have to dorm freshman year at U of M?

Students are not required to live on campus — although about 97 percent of first-year students choose to live in Michigan Housing for the community, convenience and security. Living on campus is a big advantage in making the transition to university life.