What is the best free ACT prep?

What is the best free ACT prep?

10 Free ACT Prep Resources Get Extra Practice With These Free Online Resources! 

  • Official ACT Practice Questions. Review these practice questions from the writers of the ACT to help familiarize yourself with the ACT® test.
  • Varsity Tutors.
  • The Princeton Review.
  • McGraw-Hill.
  • Kaplan.
  • Peterson’s.
  • Number 2.
  • SparkNotes ACT Prep.

How do I practice for ACT science?

Recap to the Best Way to Study ACT Science

  1. Study with real ACT Science materials.
  2. When you take practice sections, make sure you are sticking to the real timing! (five minutes per passage)
  3. Review your mistakes from your practice tests. (Don’t ignore them!
  4. Study the science subjects that the ACT expects you to know.

Can I study for the ACT for free?

1. ACT.org. Users who sign up with ACT.org receive access to a free ACT study guide, a full-length practice test with all four sections and a writing prompt, and helpful test-taking strategies. The site partners with Kaplan to provide free online ACT prep events.

Can you get a 35 on ACT science?

The majority of students at Princeton, about 75%, score a 35 or below on the ACT®. The average student scores a 33 on the test. Half of the students score below 33 and half score above. You do not want to be average.

Is Khan Academy ACT prep good?

Try Khan Academy out to see whether it’s a good ACT prep resource for you. Overall, although the ACT is not as well served online as the SAT is, you can still find a number of good resources for test-taking strategy and practice questions in the form of both official tests and practice questions.

Is Magoosh ACT prep free?

Magoosh ACT Apps We have our ACT flashcards app, which has over 200 flashcards to give you practice with the most commonly-tested English, Math, and Science concepts. We also have our free ACT prep app, equipped with over 100 video tutorials and practice questions for every ACT exam section.

How can I do ACT science faster?

Increase Your Speed on the ACT Science Section

  1. Don’t pause between questions.
  2. Consider doing difficult Dueling Scientist passages last.
  3. Do your favorite topics first.
  4. If a passage really confuses you, move to the next one.
  5. Prioritize table-reading questions over conceptual questions.
  6. Take timed practice tests.

What is the best ACT prep website?

1 ACT — ACT Online Prep.

  • 2 Peterson’s — ACT Prep Online Course.
  • 3 PrepFactory — ACT.
  • 4 Higher Scores Test Prep — ACT Prep.
  • 5 Green Test Prep — Green Test Prep Premium.
  • 6 The Princeton Review — ACT Test Prep.
  • 7 Kaplan — ACT Prep Courses.
  • 8 Testive — ACT.
  • Is there a Khan Academy equivalent for ACT?

    Unfortunately, there’s currently no official Khan Academy ACT prep; however, students can still use Khan Academy’s resources to help them prepare for the ACT.

    Does Khan Academy have an ACT prep?

    Khan Academy has recently partnered with the College Board, the makers of the SAT, to produce free and official SAT prep materials. Unfortunately, there’s currently no official Khan Academy ACT prep; however, students can still use Khan Academy’s resources to help them prepare for the ACT.

    – Heart of algebra – Passport to advanced mathematics – Grammar and effective language use – Writing and language – Reading – Essay (if you plan to take the ACT with the optional essay exam)

    How to prepare for Act science?

    Read the question carefully. What exactly are you being asked to do?

  • Avoid wordiness. Your task in the ACT English exam is simply to find the best answer choice for the specific question being asked,regardless of your personal preferences as a
  • Determine the appropriate context for the question.
  • “Hear” the sentence in your head.
  • What is the best ACT prep to use?

    “Kaplan ACT Prep Plus focuses on specific skills included in the ACT more than other prep books,” Addagatla notes. As someone who struggled with the science section of the ACT, Mason High School student Ayanav Roy found the ACT Math and Science Workbook “especially good” because of the test-taking strategies and practice material.

    What are the best ACT prep materials?

    – Have a goal. When you start studying with your ACT prep book, it helps to have a specific goal in mind. – Buy more than one book. If you’re really concerned about the ACT, you may want to purchase more than one prep book. – Take the first practice test before you begin studying. – Don’t cram right before the ACT.