What is the bird on Tottenham Hotspurs badge?

What is the bird on Tottenham Hotspurs badge?

Since the 1921 FA Cup Final the Tottenham Hotspur crest has featured a cockerel. Harry Hotspur, after whom the club is named, was said to have been given the nickname Hotspur as he dug in his spurs to make his horse go faster as he charged in battles, and spurs are also associated with fighting cocks.

When did Spurs change their logo?

2006 — Today. The Hotspur logo was redesigned again in 2006, and this is when the emblem we all know today was created. It is a modern interpretation of the club’s logo from 1967, but it looks sleek and contemporary. The blue cockerel with a white head is standing on a blue football with white stitched.

What does Spurs badge mean?

Harry Hotspur was fond of cock fighting. So, yes, Tottenham Hotspur’s logo is a commemoration of cock fighting. A golden cockerel stands proudly above the new Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

Why is there a cockerel on the Spurs badge?

Latest Spurs videos from Sky Sports For those that care, the Glentoran badge has a cockerel on it because Victor Coates, the founder (also 1882) had a ring with a cockerel debossed into it (from the coat of arms of the name Coates) and he used to push it into the wax to seal his post with it.

What is a Audere EST Facere?

The logo “Audere est Facere”, which translates as “to dare is to do”, has been left off the new badge in favour of a retro design.

Why are Spurs called Hotspurs?

Smithson was the inheritor of the fortune and lands of the Percy family of Northumberland, whose ancestor, Sir Henry Percy, commonly known as ‘Harry Hotspur’, inspired Tottenham Hotspur’s name and its famous emblem of a fighting cock.

What does to dare is to do mean?

1a : to challenge to perform an action especially as a proof of courage dared him to jump. b : to confront boldly : defy dared the anger of his family. 2 : to have the courage to contend against, venture, or try the actress dared a new interpretation of the classic role. dare. noun.

What language is Audere EST Facere?

Our Club motto is ‘Audere est Facere’ and it is from the Latin ‘Audere’ that the word audacity derives, meaning a daring nature is firmly embedded into our foundations.

What are the old Spurs colors?

The team’s primary colors were changed from the red, white, and blue of the Chaparrals to the now-familiar black, silver and white motif of the Spurs, with the branding taking effect for the 1973–74 season.

What word is the Y word?

The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) has added a variant of the ‘Y-word’ as a new entry to describe supporters and players for Tottenham. Usage of the term to describe Jewish people can be considered offensive, but some Spurs fans have historically adopted the word in terrace chants.

What do Spurs call Arsenal?

Arsenal fans call themselves “Gooners”, a term that is derived from the club’s nickname “Gunners”, which is itself a reference to Arsenal’s origins as a munitions factory team. Tottenham fans call themselves “yids”.