What is the cheapest PC on NZXT?

What is the cheapest PC on NZXT?

The Starter PC Series is built by experts to give gamers a competitive advantage.

  • Starter PC. H510 Prebuilt Mid-Tower PC. $999.00.
  • Starter Plus PC. H510 Prebuilt Mid-Tower PC. $1,199.00.
  • Starter Pro PC. H510 Prebuilt Mid-Tower PC. $1,299.00.

Is NZXT good for prebuilt?

This great NZXT Streaming PC takes the hard work out of finding a GPU. If you want a prebuilt gaming PC that’s made of popular off-the-shelf parts and looks great on your desk, the NZXT Streaming PC (available at NZXT) is a great choice.

Is NZXT Australian?

Shop our huge range of NZXT products today, from Australia’s #1 computer store – Buy Now, Pay Later + FREE pick-up & same day dispatch!


A great first PC The Starter PC Series is built by experts and gives you a competitive advantage. Connected for life Wifi and Bluetooth ready to connect to anything you need.

Is NZXT prices in USD?

Note that all prices on NZXT BLD are in USD, so make sure to check how much you are paying in Canadian dollars.

How big is the starter Pro PC?

16.9 by 8.3 by 18.1 inches
They’re more than adequate, to my eyes. Moving back outside, the Starter PC Plus has straight edges for a clean, non-polarizing look. The case’s dimensions (16.9 by 8.3 by 18.1 inches, HWD) are normal for a midtower.

Why did NZXT prices go up?

That last one is what brings us here today. We’re going to give it to you straight, we’re in a position where we need to raise our prices. Our goal is to make PC gaming accessible for everyone, so we dislike price increases as much as you do.

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