What is the coldest month in Cape Breton?

What is the coldest month in Cape Breton?

Averages are for Sydney N. S., which is 6 miles from Cape Breton Regional Municipality….

Quick Climate Info
Hottest Month August (65 °F avg)
Coldest Month February (21 °F avg)
Wettest Month December (4.39″ avg)
Windiest Month January (12 mph avg)

How much snow does Cape Breton get?

Snowfall is abundant: generally, 1 and a half meters (59 in) of snow fall per year on the southern coast, 2 and a half meters (98 in) on the northern one, and up to 4 meters (157 in) in the north of Cape Breton island (see Ingonish). Usually it snows from late November to early April.

Is Cape Breton a good place to live?

SYDNEY — The most populous community in Nova Scotia’s second-largest municipality is near the top of a list of Canada’s most livable places that was prepared for big city homeowners looking for a change of address.

Is Cape Breton Island a good place to retire?

Where is the windiest place in Nova Scotia?

Grand Étang
Article content. The windiest place in Canada that’s not on a mountain top is Grand Étang, Nova Scotia.

Is Cape Breton a good place to retire?

Cape Breton is one of the most reasonable places to live in Canada. You won’t find a cheaper place to buy a house, and you won’t be taxed to death. The best places to find your next home are Realtor.ca or Viewpoint.ca . You also have access to all of the seafood you would ever need if that is your thing.

Is Cape Breton Nova Scotia a good place to live?

Has a hurricane ever hit Nova Scotia?

September 15, 1996: Hurricane Hortense, the first hurricane to directly strike Nova Scotia while at hurricane strength since Blanche in 1975, struck the Nova Scotian coast as a Category 1 hurricane. $3 million were inflicted to Nova Scotia by Hortense after strong winds, heavy rain, and power outages.