What is the combining form for mediastinum?

What is the combining form for mediastinum?

mediastin/o. combining form meaning mediastinum, its the central region of thoracic cavity between lungs, contains; trachea, heart, aorta, esophagus, thymus gland. trache/o.

What does the combining form Alveol o mean quizlet?

alveol/o. combining form meaning alveolus; air sac.

What is the combining form of bronchi?

Broncho- is a combining form used like a prefix representing the words bronchus or bronchia. The bronchus (plural bronchi) is either of two main branches of the trachea that goes to the lung.

What is the combining form for carbon dioxide?

A combining form for carbon dioxide: capn/o.

What is the medical term for mediastinum?

Listen to pronunciation. (MEE-dee-uh-STY-num) The area between the lungs. The organs in this area include the heart and its large blood vessels, the trachea, the esophagus, the thymus, and lymph nodes but not the lungs.

What is the root of the word mediastinum?

From New Latin mediastīnum, from Medieval Latin mediastīnus (“middling; middle”), from Latin mediastīnus (“a common servant”).

What is Phren o in medical terms?

a combining form meaning “mind,” “diaphragm,” used in the formation of compound words: phrenology.

What does alveol o mean?

Combining form indicating an alveolus, the alveolar process; alveolar. [L. alveolus, a concave vessel, a bowl, a basin, fr. alveus, a trough, + -olus, small, little; akin to alvus, the belly, the womb]

What is the combining form for chest?

Thorac/o is the combining form for the chest, which is also known as teh thorax. Leuk/o means white.

What suffix means carbon dioxide?

capn/o, -capnia. Greek (kapno) for carbon dioxide.

What does the root Phren mean?

diaphragm, mind
New Latin, from Greek phren-, phrēn diaphragm, mind.

What is mediastinum quizlet?

Mediastinum. The mediastinum is a space between the lungs, which contains the thoracic viscera.

Which of the following Combining forms means chest?

What does the suffix Phonia mean?

sound of the voice, voice, speech
[Gr. – phōnia, fr. phōnē, sound of the voice, voice, speech] Suffixes meaning speech (for a speech disorder of a specific kind, esp.

Is o combining form?

Combining forms consist of a combining vowel. The combining vowel is usually an “o”, but others may be used.

What is Phren O in medical terms?

What does Phren mean in medical terms?

the mind
, phren- , phreni- , phrenico- Combining forms denoting the diaphragm; the mind; the phrenic nerve.

What is the mediastinum?